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DCHD COVID-19 new hotline update

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, Douglas County Health Department had a four-landline phone system. 

With COVID-19, DCHD had an immediate need to increase our number of phone lines but upon researching we learned it would be months before our planned VOIP system could be ordered, installed, and fully up and running.

The solution to meet our immediate need for additional lines, one that would bridge the gap of time until the VOIP system could be installed, was met through Google Voice for Buisness. 

Our new VOIP system has been installed and is now fully functional therefore we no longer need the Google Voice Hotline because our new phone system was designed with the functionality of our hotline as the template. 

All the options offered by the hotline remain the same, they are simply nouw all accessible through our main phone line, 217-253-4137.

Our hotline will remain functional through November 30th to allow us time to spread the word to all in Douglas County. 

Our main line is 217-253-4137 will now meet the needs of all programs and services, including COVID-19 calls. We are confident our new system will improve one’s ability to connect with any one of our staff whether they are seeking COVID-19 related information or Dental, WIC, Food Mgr certification, temporary food permits, septics, water testing, immunizations, lab draws, car seats, MRC safety trainings, medical marijuana info, opioid overdose training or supplies, needle exchange, tobacco cessation, summer food program info or any other programs or services we offer. 

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