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LyondellBasell volunteers creatively partake in the company’s 21st Annual Global Care Day Virtual efforts and social distance measures in place to stay safe during global pandemic

Understanding the value of time, resources and participation, LyondellBasell volunteers across the world safely engaged in various in-person and virtual projects focused on food security as part of the company’s 21st Annual Global Care Day on Saturday, October 17. More than 80 LyondellBasell locations participated including LyondellBasell’s Tuscola Plant.

LyondellBasell chose not to cancel this year’s event despite the pandemic and instead participated in service projects where volunteers spent their time focusing on the greater good within their communities.

“At LyondellBasell we believe in the power of many and now more than ever it is important for us to meet the community needs during our annual Global Care Day,” said Aaron McKee, Site Manager.

Tuscola employees held a plant wide food drive to address food insecurities in the local community. Once the food was gathered, site volunteers helped the SAM Food Pantry in Tuscola by sorting, sanitizing, and delivering the donated items.

In the midst of financial instability brought forth by COVID-19, this year’s Global Care Day theme was positioned around food security, and coincides with LyondellBasell’s global charitable contributions made earlier in the year to local food banks around the world in response to the pandemic.

LyondellBasell’s Global Care Day event showcased the positive impact a company can make in communities where they both live and operate. Volunteer projects included building micro food pantries, stocking shelves at local food pantries, collecting food for donation, and organizing drive-through food banks for individuals in need.

The look and feel of the 2020 event was different for volunteers than in years past due to the pandemic, but that did not stop #TeamLYB. With safety at the forefront, the company implemented COVID-19 precautions to ensure volunteers who participated in-person remained safe. These precautions included social distancing, eliminating the potential for groups to congregate and requiring facial coverings be worn to help protect against the spread of the virus. 

Below is a sample of LyondellBasell’s Global Care Day projects that took place around the world:

Morris, Illinois

Volunteers built two pop-up micro food pantries in the area for local residents to both stock up and sustain the micro pantry and take items as needed.

Houston, Texas

LyondellBasell Tower employees participated at the Houston Food Bank, which distributes food and other essentials to those in need through a network of 1500 community partners. Volunteers sorted, cleaned, donated and packaged food at the Houston Food Bank to help support the community.

Singapore, Singapore

Practicing social distance, employees spent time in the kitchen at Willing Hearts, a soup kitchen that makes, cooks and distributes daily meals to local residents. Chopping fresh vegetables, organizing ingredients for meals and helping assist with cleaning, employees helped kitchen staff prepare meals for distribution.

Wesseling, Germany

A run took place to help Die Arche Kinderstiftung, an organization in Germany that helps support socially disadvantaged children. Over 600 runners participated and chose their own individual running route. Money was contributed to the organization based on employee’s participation. All money raised went toward providing funding for lunch, home-work help, after school activities and holiday camps for the children.

LyondellBasell is committed to advancing good and supporting our local communities and remains passionate about giving where employees live. 

About LyondellBasell’s Tuscola Plant

The Tuscola plant employs around 100 people and occupies nearly 900 acres. The site produces ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether and specialty polymers. Ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, is used in many health care andpersonalproductapplicationssuchashairspray,capsulemanufacturing,handsanitizer, and pharmaceutical cleaning. Diethyl ether finds applications as a laboratory reagent solution, usage in chemical synthesis, as an ammunition drier, and starter fluid. The specialty polymers produced here include microfine powders used as additives in personal care products,lubricants,binding agents, water filtration systems,and moisture barriers.

About LyondellBasell

LyondellBasell (NYSE: LYB) is one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world. Driven by its employees around the globe, LyondellBasell produces materials and products that are key to advancing solutions to modern challenges like enhancing food safety throughlightweight andflexible packaging,protectingthepurityofwatersuppliesthroughstrongerandmoreversatile pipes, improving the safety, comfort and fuel efficiency of many of the cars and trucks on the road, and ensuring the safe and effective functionality in electronics and appliances. LyondellBasell sells products into more than 100 countries and is the world’s largest producer of polypropylene compounds and the largest licensor of polyolefin technologies. In 2020, LyondellBasell was named to Fortune Magazine’s list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” for the third consecutive year. More information about LyondellBasell can be found at

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