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County sees record voter turnout at general election

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Douglas County Clerk Judi Pollock and staff of the Douglas County Clerk’s Office following election night. Douglas County saw a record turnout of 73.65 percent of voters at this year’s election.

By Kendra Hennis 
This year has been nothing but unpredictable, and this year’s general election has surely been no different. Americans sat on the edge of their seats for nearly five days waiting to see who would be the next President-elect. On Saturday morning it was declared that Joe Biden had been awarded the 270 electoral votes needed to declare him the next President of the United States. 

In Douglas County we are almost buttoned-up, only awaiting on 99 potential mail-in ballots. This year we saw a record number of 73.65 percent of voters turnout. There are 11,940 registered voters in Douglas County, and 8,749 of them voted this year. 1,700 of those voters chose to vote by mail. 

With Joe Biden narrowly leading in the polls nationally, results in Douglas County looked a little different. Donald Trump led among Douglas County voters by 71 percent. Other top vote earners in Douglas County included Mark Curran for Senate, Mary Miller for Congress, Brad Halbrook for State Representative, and Heather Skinner for Douglas County Coroner.

The success of Election Day in Douglas County is in large part due to Douglas County Clerk Judi Pollock and her team. On the election, Pollock said, “I cannot say enough about my election judges and how they handled all the changes in polling place layout, additional PPE along with IDPH guidelines.  They were absolute troopers and never complained.  I also had a limited number of extra workers for sanitation and offering masks at the door and they were wonderful too.

Our voters were patient during the early voting process in our office and were very good to follow the guidelines that were required for social distancing and wearing a mask.  The reports that I got from the judges were the voters were upbeat and very appreciative they could go to the polls and very good with complying with the changes that were in place. 

All in all with all the changes to the law the election was great.  Super turnout 73.65 percent, biggest turnout in years!  I will say that I am glad that part is over, lots of reporting to finish in the next two weeks, but much calmer in our office for sure.  This election seemed to go on forever, matter of fact a solid seven and a half months of planning for this one, lots of decisions and changes and on my part a little doubt at the last minute if I had done enough. 

Last but not least, Hats off to my extraordinary staff who dug their heels in and just did it!  I can say we were absolutely on a dead run in this office for six weeks and they never complained one time. Sure glad that one is almost behind me!”

Official Results 
* President and Vice President – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

* US Senate – Richard Durbin 

* US House District 15 – Mary Miller 

* State Representative for District 102 – Brad Halbrook 

* Douglas County State’s Attorney – Kate Watson 

* Douglas County Circuit Clerk – Nathan Burton 

* Douglas County Coroner – Heather Skinner 

* County Board 1st District Member – Richard Hein  

* County Board 4th District Member – Philip Morris 

* County Board 7th District Member – Gary Luth 

* Circuit Court Judge 6th Judicial Court – Jason Bohm

* Voted yes to retain Richard L. Broch

* Voted yes to retain Robert C. Bollinger

* Voted yes to the Arcola Fire Protection District Special Tax Levy Proposition

* Voted no to the Newman City Proposition to Impose Occupation and Service Occupation Tax

* Voted yes to the Broadlands-Longview Fire Trustees Proposition

* Voted on the Tuscola CUSD 301 At-Large Proposition T15N.

* Voted no to the Illinois Allow for Graduated Income Tax Amendment.

Editor’s Note: Official results included are those reported November 8 at 12 p.m. The election will not be final until November 17.

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