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By Craig Hastings
Just one week to go. No need to tell you to what I’m referring. Many people say this election cycle will prove to be the most important one in the past sixty years, maybe more. I feel for sure the results of this presidential election will have the most impact on the time left of my own life anyway. All three slices of the federal power pie are up for grabs. Who controls which of the three will determine how the chess game proceeds. Many Democrats argue the pie should now be cut in four equal pieces instead of three. They feel this way because President Trump has been able to appoint three conservative Justices to the Supreme Court in just four years of being in office and Democrats are crying foul. The highest court in the land is now made up of a majority of conservative Justices. Democrats are looking for revenge and a path to tilt the court back to their own progressive agenda via adding more Justices to the court. So there it is America, out in the open finally for all to see! Up to now this strategy to control everything the rest of we Americans can do, say, and own was only whispered in the dark hallways of Congress. Control the Supreme Court by appointing Justices that are willing to follow your lead and you control the country! This was never the plan by our founding fathers. Of course they never believed that the men and women appointed to the highest court in the land would ever be influenced by their own ideals or those of the party that appointed them. Their protection is lifetime appointments. They wouldn’t need to be beholding to anyone. Sadly, things changed.

No one in Washington ever wanted to talk about this until an outsider by the name of Donald Trump was bold enough to run for President. Starched in place hair, orange face, TV celebrity, hundreds of millions of dollars, and the most beautiful potential First Lady ever, Donald Trump had a monumental task before him if he was to win the Republican presidential nomination. And win the nomination he did; handily. Not just Republicans but people of all faiths of political ideals believed there had to be another direction America needed to travel. They believed as did I that in order for America to recover and move forward from the same old, same old, the Washington DC cesspool of career politicians needed shaken up in 2016. So we elected Donald Trump president and it was game on in Washington DC! The Democrats, all of them, and even some high ranking Republicans had already devised a plan to remove Donald Trump even before the election.

Remember FBI department head James Comey and his right hand clown, agent Andrew McCabe? These were two people that were assumed to be the best of our best when it came to national security investigations and enforcement of the same?! Are you kidding me? Remember their alleged insurance policy to keep Donald Trump from surviving his first year should he win? So, with the FBI, CIA, and DOJ all working together to keep now President Trump and his newly appointed Cabinet from moving any of their agenda forward, what did the Democrats and some Republicans have to worry about? What followed in the next three years is history and part of history Democrats will erase from the archives should they ever win back both the House and Senate I’m sure.

So the Democrats have gone all in this election to remove President Trump and a majority of Senate Republicans from office. Lead by Nancy Pelosi, the “do as I say, not as I do” Covid enforcer, Adam Schiff, the only politician I’ve known that will lie to us when the truth would be the better story to tell, Chuck Schumer, one of DC’s all time greatest “leakers” who likely sleeps with a television microphone just in case, and finally candidate in name only, “Where am I Joe” Joe Biden. Is this not the saddest group of politicians that have served to many terms this country has ever seen or have aliens really landed and walking among us cloaked as these four? Here’s the plan should somebody using the name “Biden” win and the Democrats become the Senate majority.

Add the few acres of a couple of now neutral places like Washington DC and Puerto Rico so to allow adding memebers to the House and Senate. Next pack the Supreme Court via adding seats while a Democrat is President so then this President gets to, by our own constitution guidelines, appoint those Justices with the required support of the now Democrat controlled Senate. Problem solved! Full control for the foreseeable future. In these years to follow, Democrats push gun owner rights cases all the way to the Supreme Court. The Court is now a liberal majority and people who want a gun can’t own one. Those that own them at the present, turn them in or else face criminal charges. Socialized health care for all via decisions by the Supreme Court. More “do it our way or the highway you conservative basket of deplorables!” You see, nearly any newly introduced legislation that is argued all the way up to the Supreme Court will be decided to the will of Democrats.

I understand that amendments (changes) sometimes need to be added to our present constitution but, Washington DC politicians are rewriting the constitution as a whole! This isn’t what was supposed to happen was it!? I don’t want Democrats or Republicans to engage in this behavior! I don’t believe our constitution was ever meant to be changed as it was written unless, logically as written our advancing society was stagnated because of it. Our founding fathers, their founding wives, or their founding significant others, got this thing right! Read it! It’s easy enough to live by it! Our most important constitutional element of the entire document was how and why our Supreme Court was to function! The Supreme Court is supposed to be “The Fixer” of all things argued that are broken or not functioning. The permanent nine are to respond to all before them as the constitution was originally intended and not to how their own politics drive them. Should our own federal Supreme Court become infected with political sickness as some of our federal appellate courts have already, then how will fair decisions be made? Decisions without outside political influence? Best two out of three coin flips? Maybe?

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