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DCHD announces twenty-nine COVID-19 cases

The Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) announces twenty-nine newly confirmed cases of COVID-19: one male 1 year, one male 10 years, one male 15 years, one female 16 years, one female and four males in their twenties, two males and two females in their thirties, five males and one female in their forties, two males and two females in the fifties, two males and two females in their sixties, one male and one female in their seventies.  

All new cases were confirmed positive for COVID-19 in the past 24 hours and are residents of Douglas County, IL. DCHD is contacting close-contacts listed by these new cases to quarantine and symptom monitor.

Douglas County, IL has 722 total known confirmed cases and 10 COVID-19 Deaths. There are Newly Confirmed or Active Cases in the last 14 days. As of 10/25/20, DCHD is monitoring 584 active and close-contact cases.

To prevent the spread in Douglas County: 

* Wash: Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap, throughout each day.

* Watch: Watch to keep 6ft of physical distance between yourself and others.

* Wear: Wear a face cover/mask.

Douglas County has had 324 newly confirmed cases and three COVID-19 deaths in the past thirty days. As of 10/26/2020 (IDPH 10/23/20 3day/lag), Douglas County’s daily rate and seven day rate of positivity is at 15.2 percent daily and 12.2 percent in a seven day rate. Region 6 shows a daily rate of 8.5 percent and seven day rate of 7.8 percent. Region 6 stats show another day hospital admissions increased and only 38 percent  of hospital ICU beds remain available. Douglas County was added to the warning list 10/23 along with 50 other counties in Illinois and at 760/100,000 highest risk/51 Counties. We must each do all we can to protect our most vulnerable.

COVID-19 spreads differently – not like the flu. It is a novel virus and the majority of our community spreads from people who don’t look “ill”. This virus carries its highest viral load two days before any symptoms. You cannot presume your friend, co-worker, server, cashier, teammate – is not infecting you simply because they don’t have symptoms you can see. Carriers are most contagious, with their highest viral load, two days before symptoms and that’s only if they are one of those who develop symptoms. Many spreading this virus don’t know they are carrying/spreading it. COVID-19 doesn’t take a break after work or school and that means we can’t either. 

For our businesses and schools to remain open  we must each use the simple measures of masks, distance, and hand washing to prevent the spread– not just when it’s convenient, not just when a business requires you to, not just when you remember….all  the  time. Help schools and businesses stay open by using the 3w’s.         


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