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Holding It All Together-I Can’t Believe It

By Amy McCollom
Do you believe in ghosts? Goblins? Werewolves?  Vampires? Aliens? Mothman? Iron Man? Monsters on the wing of an airplane? Why or why not? Would you believe it, if you saw it with your own two eyes? What would it take to make you believe in the unbelievable?

The pilot and crew members of a Boeing 777 flying over LAX airport Los Angeles last Wednesday reported seeing a figure in a jetpack flying at 6,000 feet in the sky. A person in a jetpack!? Flying next to an airplane? What in the world?! They were pretty amazed, as were the air traffic controllers.  All except for the handful of people that had witnessed the same thing happen about two weeks earlier.  

A couple of weeks prior, a pilot for American Airlines flight 1997 noticed what appeared to be a person in a jetpack suit, flying just 300 yards to the left of his plane at around 3,000 feet in the air above LAX.  This was highly unusual, and extremely dangerous, in both cases, as getting too close to a commercial aircraft can suck you into the engines, which would basically kill you, and would damage the aircraft and could cause injury or death to the passengers. Not to mention, it would damage the aircraft.  

The FBI is investigating both cases but as of yet has no answers as to what or who was involved. Aliens?  Nerds? Elon Musk? Uncle Sam? George Jetson? Iron Man? Time will tell, I suppose. Unless it gets classified, then we will have to wait for it to come out in Wikileaks or conspiracy theory videos.  Actually I did look it up on Wikileaks, and there was a jetpack created by a New Zealand company called Martin Aircraft back in 2009 that could transport a passenger at around 60mph for around 30 minutes or so. Just so you know.

Do you believe in Mothman? I read a story last week about a seven-foot tall moth-humanoid creature that scared the living daylights out of a woman just a couple hours north of here. This lady had just gotten off work at the O’Hare International Airport USPS terminal, and was heading to her car in the parking lot at 11:00 p.m., when she saw what she first thought was a very tall person in a long coat. As she got closer to her car, she pushed the button to unlock her car, and the headlights came on which startled the thing, and it turned around to face her.

She realized then it wasn’t a person but a strange creature with glowing red eyes, and the long coat was actually giant wings. She said she started screaming, and it began  running towards her, so she crouched down behind her car, got the door open.  She managed to jump in the front seat just as this thing took flight and flew over her. She said she didn’t look back, but got home as quickly as she could as she was terrified.

This was just one of many sightings of a creature like this over the last three years in the Chicago land area.  Some newspapers report in 2017 alone there have been over 55 sightings. One incident with this creature, nicknamed the “Mothman,”  happened at night when a family with small children were playing outside. The creature actually snatched up a small child and attempted to fly off, but lost its grip and the child dropped to safety.

There have also been many pilots flying in and out of O’Hare Airport who have witnessed this large flying creature both in the air and on the ground.  Reports of UFO’s are commonly reported by pilots and passengers around O’Hare as well. Perhaps the Windy City is some sort of portal or favorite stomping ground to the other worldly. Perhaps crime and evilness draws together a spirit of its own. Who can really know.

I saw a ghost once. I was about 17, and staying the night at a friend’s house. It was an old victorian style house that had been used as a make-shift hospital during the Civil War, so I was told. During the night, I woke up suddenly. Wide awake. I sat up on the couch, just as someone in all white walked past me quickly and into the next room, which was dark. I thought it was my friend’s mom, so I called out her name.

No one answered. I flipped on the light on the wall next to me, but didn’t see anyone. I walked into the room, and looked around, but no one was in there. Then I felt freaked out. I left the lights on, but ran and got back on the couch and under the covers.   

I fell back to sleep humming Amazing Grace.  It was the only church song that I knew all the words to by heart.  I said a little prayer for protection, because I do know that spirits (both good and bad) are real.  I like to stay friends with the Holy Spirit, and any other spirits can just stay far, far away. I don’t play with ghosts. I also sleep with my Bible.

Before I end this, be careful that your eyes do not deceive you. My cousins and I once beat a lawnmower half to death thinking it was an ornery neighbor kid hiding under a blanket trying to spook us.  Stay safe, and sane. It’s a crazy and dangerous world out there.

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