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Planning, legal, and management subcommittee meeting report

By Jim Allen
The Douglas County personnel, pegal, and management committee meet on October 6, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. with members Tom Glenn, Phil Morris, and Jim Mikeworth present.  The following issues were brought before the committee.

Nathan Burton, Douglas County Circuit Clerk-Elect, asked to add one full time deputy clerk.  The workload of the Circuit Clerk’s office will increase with a judicial order by Judge Karle Koritz of the 6th Judicial Circuit.  Whereas Court Reporters have traditionally completed docket entries for the Clerk’s office, Judge Koritz will no longer allow this and the additional work of docket entries will be the sole responsibility of the Circuit Clerk’s office.  The Circuit Clerk’s office will also be impacted by new procedures for appeals. In addition, new administrative orders are being passed down from the Appellate and Supreme Courts which will also impact the workload of the Circuit Clerk.

Burton showed that the salary for the new hire would not come out of the county general fund, but would be paid from special funds in the clerk’s budget.  The special fund comes from fees assessed by the Circuit Clerk’ office.  The fees amount to approximately $70,000 a year and are renewed yearly.  The salary for the new hire will be $23,500.00, one half of which will come from item Document Storage 070 and one half from item Clerk’s Automation 075.  The County’s commitment to the cost of the new hire will be $12,588.25.  $10,908.00 of this is for the insurance package and $1,680.25 will be for IMRF.  The new employee is expected to join the Circuit Clerk staff by October 12, 2020.

In other business, Phil Morris presented a proposed ordinance adopting a nepotism policy for Douglas County employees.  The ordinance seeks “To promote a productive environment, free from conflicts of interest as well as favoritism and unfair advantage, whether perceived or real—-“  The policy will apply to all Douglas County Illinois employees, regardless of rank or title.

Although no issues currently apply to this ordinance, it was considered good policy to have an ordinance in place .  The committee voted to present the ordinance to the full board.

Amanda Minor was present to ask the committee for a time to interview a candidate for the Douglas County Health Board.  No date was set, but the committee will work toward setting a date.

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