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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Does Dr. Scott Atlas understand the science and data collected concerning COVID-19 differently than most or is he just someone else wanting to appear relevant in the midst of this crisis? Regardless, I listen intently when Dr. Atlas speaks to us in regard to COVID-19. Dr. Atlas is one of the few considered experts that doesn’t spread motor oil on my toast and try to convince me it’s dark honey. I have to tell you I’m skeptical that anyone should be considered an expert when talking about a killer virus that’s only ten months old. This virus still picks and chooses who it kills, just makes real sick, allows it to be asymptomatic, and finally skips three people all together in a room of ten all coughing on each other. A year from now we will all know who was right and who was wrong after this virus is under control via new pharmaceutical treatments and vaccine prevention. Those people that called it’s course correctly from beginning to end will be considered the real and believable experts. Those that lost their way during the collection of all the facts and science will forever be heckled and dismissed as irrelevant voices like those of, well…the 2016 presidential election pollsters. Another bunch of so-called “experts” that got all the data wrong and only because of their political affiliations.

I’m not taking a stand and trying to convince any of you that Dr. Atlas is the guy to believe because I think he’s figured this thing out. I like him because he tells it like it is without any of the ifs, ands, and buts, in the middle of his sentences so to give himself an out should he mispeak. I agreed with most of his positions before I ever heard him speak on COVID-19. Selfishly, this could be why I like listening to his opinions in regard to the direction America should be navigating right now. Dr. Atlas leans toward the herd immunity philosophy to help get this virus under control. I’m not quite there yet. I’m not willing to risk the life of one person by intentionally infecting five thousand people. That one person might be me! I’m not old enough to roll those dice just yet. No, I favor biding our time by being as careful and mindful as we can until there are proven and effective treatments and or vaccines ready to go.

Truthfully, I don’t believe I need to wear a mask every time I leave my own property but, I don’t know either! I resisted at the beginning of this pandemic but gradually have come to accept that maybe, just maybe, a mask might keep someone or myself from contracting the virus. Here’s how I got there and all of you non-believers in masks consider this. Can we agree a mask could keep us from spreading other normal for this time of year cold and flu strains to someone else? Have we not all been taught our entire lives to cover our mouths and noses so not to spread all of the less lethal cold and flu viruses? Forget about COVID if you wish, but think about the rest. I don’t like to be sick with anything and neither do you. So, for now, even if you’re not feeling well, wear a mask and so will I. These masks, like them or not, have and will become part of our everyday dress attire long after COVID is under control. Why? Because most people like to accessorize their attire! Jewelry, ties, scarfs, watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, tattoos, etc., and now..masks! Already many clothing manufacturers and others have come up with some pretty eye appealing masks. Come on, who can resist wearing a mask that has a dog’s mouth positioned where your own mouth would be? How about the one that displays rotten teeth in a mouth positioned where your own would be? And of course, it was bound to happen, all the wanna be tough guys that want to display a dreadful assembly of skulls of all shapes, colors, and scare intensity.

How about the newest masks that have their own filters on one side or two sides!? If you’re a Star Wars geek, like me, get a black one of these two filter jobs so you and I can look like Darth Vader or a white one to look like one of Ol’ Darth’s Storm Troopers. Yep, like them or not, they’re here to stay. And what the heck, lawbreakers love them too! Right now I have a plain blue “gaitor” mask. This is one that I describe as an elasticized cloth tube that’s about twelve inches long that slips over your head. It also matches my uniform. Pull it up when needed and push it down when you want to appear less concerned. Perfect but only if masks become the norm of everyday living. I vote we drop the “mask” and “gaitor” names and call all of these things “facekerchiefs” And what if I don’t want to wear a facekerchief because it smears my makeup, irritates my face, or my runny nose seeping through it offends people near me?

Not to worry the scaremongers have you covered! And I do mean covered! Clear plastic face shields are available! Yep, they’re a real thing. There have been a few attempts to meld a clear plastic face shield with some sort of fashionable headband but even these look to medical. Here’s the direction I think face shields should go. First the plastic shield has to be reduced in size. The width needs to be drawn in and the length slightly shorter. Next, the plastic shield needs to be offered in several shades of darkening tint. Finally, forget a lone headband as the shield’s attaching point. No, no. Do this instead; incorporate the required more rigid headband into a hat! This design would allow all of us to go out and buy fashionable hats with tinted face shields attached! Think about this, millions will sell! You could have little etchings on the corners of your plastic shields! Maybe your favorite sports team, your kid’s name, your car, your spouse’s portrait, your dog’s or cat’s name, or… skulls! If you can think of it I’m sure someone could etch it on your custom plastic face shield. We can call these, “plexihats”. What? I’ve lost my mind you think? Yes I’m being ridiculous but why can’t I be? (I really do believe I’m on to something here though) Ten months into this and no one really knows what will happen next. Are full length trench coats the next “must wear” clothing attire? This virus is no American’s fault either. It’s the hand China dealt us and we’re playing five card stud, no draw, no two alike, and the highest card we’re holding is an 8 of clubs and the lowest card a 2 of diamonds.

Wow! At just this very moment as I’m writing this I’m hearing on Fox News that the President and First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19! I’m going to stop here. If ever there was a time all Americans should come together it’s right now, tonight, regardless of your political loyalties! Love him or hate him he’s our Commander and Chief and in charge of protecting all Americans. The world (and America) is full of murderous idiots waiting for moments like this to strike. May God watch over us all.

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