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By Craig Hastings
I watched and listened to Fox News this past week report China’s naval warship inventory has surpassed the number of warships in our own navy. The very best military minds that should be in the know about these things are not disputing this report. But what exactly does this mean? Is this something which Americans should concern themselves? Let’s say I have fifteen Volkswagen Beetles and you have one Hemi powered Jeep and I challenged you to a race. I have little to no chance to win any race regardless of how many Beetles I bring to the event. Back in the day when I was playing slow pitch softball I could on occasion clear the outfield fence, hence a home run. Now, because of this I decided to host a one on one home run derby. Say then before the derby I went out and bought twenty of the best brand new bats available of multiple weights, lengths, and brands to ready myself for the big day. I’m all set to use a new bat for every swing if I want. The big day is a Saturday afternoon, sunny, no wind, 75 degrees, I slept uninterrupted for eight hours the night before, and downed a couple of energy drinks along with my favorite protein shake. I’d say I’m ready to conquer the day right? The first guy through the gate and stepping up to the plate is Stan Weinke. Stan brought one crappy old bat he’s had for ten or more years, dented from past long balls, and he hadn’t much sleep the night before due to a cold flu. I’m still doomed! All of the newest and best bats in the world won’t help me win this round. Stan crushes me. The second challenger is Virgil Watts. He didn’t bring any bat at all, hasn’t been home since the party the night before, and forgot his baseball cleats forcing him to hit in his socks. Virgil borrows Stan’s bat and the same result. I’m obliterated by both. So, is it a reach to believe that just because China has more bright, shiny, and new warships than America that we should go into panic mode?

I have to wonder why the news of China having a larger navy than our own is supposed to be frightening information? To whose benefit does this information play too? Are Americans expected to become more afraid of China than Russia now? Are the American people being readied to accept a huge expenditure from the next upcoming budget? With such a large expenditure, building multiple warships, wouldn’t new job hiring and tremendous material purchases be good news for both current presidential candidates? So what if China has more new bats if they don’t have anyone to swing them. This was big news last week when I was watching Fox. But why? What shoe will drop next? Is there a big military contract going somebody’s way? Does American need more warships? Or am I reading too much into this news story. Am I alone being suspicious of everything our government does? Maybe.

Don’t we all know that there would be no winner should there ever be an America vs. Russia or an America vs. China? Doesn’t most every American know that should such a war ever take place that the world as we know it today would be drastically changed forever? None of the three countries would ever surrender without first deploying their nuclear arsenals. Collectively, America, China, and Russia have enough nuclear weapons to destroy sixty-five percent of the world. A large enough percentage that whatever land masses survived and those people living on them wouldn’t matter anyway. So the question is; what do we do with China and how do we get a handle on them attempting world domination? The second big story of the week is one where a brilliant and highly respected Chinese Epidemiologist was interviewed and she told the world that the Chinese government intentionally created and spread the COVID-19 sickness throughout the world. She stated that the Chinese had already created a vaccine for the illness before sending it forth.

Now we need to ask ourselves that even if she is credible, why now is she telling the world of a Chinese plot to infect the world with a deadly virus. The timing before our elections is suspicious to me. Me, I told you in this column months ago that I believed it was plausible that China did indeed experiment with a new warfare model. Load their own people up with a highly contagious disease and send them all over the world on airplanes. We learned that by the time any country could respond, the harm would have been inflicted and people would die. Those that survived would panic in fear for their own lives. In order to cover their tracks China would have to sacrifice (kill) a few thousand of their own people in the mainland itself. With a population of 1.3 billion people, sacrificing a few thousand would serve no harm. Even should this event not have been carefully planned and calculated…it worked and continues to work. The world population has become too easily mobile via air travel and this has to change. How primitive to hijack and crash planes into large populated areas or even blow passenger planes out of the sky with bombs carried on board undetected. How will countries ever detect a killer virus living in passengers intentionally infected before they board any passenger jet around the world? How safe and secure do any of you feel when you see airport “screeners” point a plastic heat sensing thermometer at the foreheads of people exiting airplanes? Are you kidding me? Just another gimmick thrown out there with the intention to keep the herd (you and me) from panicking. And of course the plastic thermometer gun slingers wore full sterile body cover to further enhance the mood of the sterility moment all the while thousands of people walking in and around the airport in close proximity to them changed nothing about their dress. I’ll bet those screeners felt real secure in their job don’t you?

Future world wars are and will be fought with money. World trade strategy is most important. The battle fields are the stock markets. President Trump and his team were winning this war with China. I believe, and this is just my own thinking here, China found a way to stop America and save their own economy. They’ve done it with this coronavirus and for now it is working. I also believe that the coronavirus was just a shot across our bow. I don’t think for a second that this coronavirus is the best they’ve got. Forget about the shiny new multiple warships. Forget about the tanks, the planes, the bombs, and the million man army. They don’t matter in the big picture of world dominance. Here’s what America and the rest of the world need. Two new branches of our military. A branch composed of the very best economists and finance strategists America can assemble. Second; a branch of the very best epidemiologists, pharmaceutical scientists, and doctors that treat infectious diseases America can possibly staff and provide their needed laboratories. At the same time our government should continue to work closely with the private sector in all of these areas. I’m not sure how much science America should share unless another event such as the one we are dealing with today appears. So the next time, and there will be a next time, our government will have teams of scientists and doctors on staff and already working. Supplies will not have been depleted and not replaced like had happened this time. Think about the possibilities. A government willing to expose and infect its own population and send them about the rest of the world with the intention of killing as many people as they see fit! How does the rest of the world stop such an event!? I’m doubting border walls will have much effect stopping airplanes!

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