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VG committee discusses Christmas Tree purchase

The Villa Grove city council met on August 24 for their monthly committee of the whole meeting.

After the meeting and the pledge of allegiance, the meeting was called to order at 6:06 p.m., with all council members, plus Mayor Eversole-Gunter, Clerk Osborn and Treasurer/Administrator Athey present.

The first item on the agenda was public comments, and Kenny Cordes put in a request that there be police presence at the 4 way stop during school days when students are making their way to and from the school. Chief Rea stated that it was his intention to do so.

Next on the agenda was the Engineer’s report, and Public Works director Arbuckle reported that they were waiting for the final results from the scrubber air quality samples to be analyzed and announced as efforts continue to be made to ameliorate the strong sulfur smell as city engineers had previously discussed.  Arbuckle also noted that both the old water plant demolition and the McCoy water projects were on schedule and would be being put out for bids in the near future, with Alderman Johnson set to meet with Arbuckle and representatives from Fehr Graham.  

Up next, Mayor Eversole-Gunter took a moment to praise the recently graduated junior aldermen Grace Hutchison and Molly Mixell, noting that they had served for two years and were very active in many of the city’s events during that time. “They did a great job,” Eversole enthused.  The Mayor then noted that they were looking for two Villa Grove high school students to take their place.

Next, because this is a nonvoting meeting, the council moved to the discussion of business. The following consents were reached:

* Approval of architect’s contract for community center

* Approval of Annual SRO Intergovernmental agreement with VG schools

* Approval of signing of amendment to Douglas County Enterprise Zone Ordinance

* Approval of the purchase of Christmas Trees for resale by the city, with a tentative order for 50 trees being placed.

It was also noted that the July financials were available and would need to be reviewed prior to the next meeting.

The council then moved to closed session at 6:31 p.m., re-entering open session at 6:49, and after a very brief discussion of the upcoming strategic planning meetings, the call for adjournment came at 6:51 p.m.

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