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By Craig Hastings
Finally!  Well my good friend Doug and I thought maybe we were the only two people (nerds) in town that watched “Ancient Aliens” and; not only do we watch, but maybe we believe just a little bit of what we see!  Well Doug, we’re not nuts because if we are so is the federal government.  Pentagon officials announced this week that they are forming a task force to investigate UFO phenomena.  No kidding, I’m a loyal audience member each week when Ancient Aliens airs on television and it doesn’t matter if I’ve seen any of the episodes already.  Even if you’re not a believer or maybe just a little too scared to be a believer, there’s a history lesson to be learned from most episodes.  I certainly didn’t get exposed to any of this good stuff in school.  If I had maybe I would have scored a little higher in both science and history classes.

Accept the facts.  There has been too much scientific evidence presented for all the world to see to deny at least this; this planet has been visited by probably more than one race of “travelers” over and over in the last three thousand years or even earlier. I’ll tell you the single most evidence that turned me to the more than maybe crowd. Construction sites. Construction sites not just in Egypt but all over the world.  There are so many engineering feats that have been pointed out by not only archaeologists but construction engineers.  Construction engineers that have zero interest one way or another as to the findings have traveled to these sites.  Archaeologists sought their input as to how this or that might have been accomplished at these building sites even four hundred years ago let alone thousands!  None of them are able to explain how precise cuts and joints were accomplished.  Some of them went way out on a limb and stated that the fit and finish on some of the stone construction sites couldn’t be accomplished today!  Not only could the fit and finish not be explained but, none of these engineers could explain how anyone, even today, could lift stones the weight and dimensions of some of those they examined.  There is only one explanation…levitation!

I was one of those skeptics in the beginning of my maybe believing that wondered why stone?  If these little green and gray guys and gals were so far advanced, enough to fly here, land here, and get out and breath the air here, why didn’t they just build the humans here at the time nice industrial steel buildings?  The why was right in front of me on my television.  Stone is a far superior product, natural product, than steel.  The problem with stone today is that it’s too heavy to work with and takes up way too much space in order for it to equal or better it’s steel counterpart.  But what if we knew how to manage the weight of stone?  What if we could move, cut, and color stone as easily as steel?  Stone won’t rust, bend, or melt in a fire.  The best part about stone is that it is probably our most readily available natural resource.  It’s probably free for the taking in some places in the world.  Did you know that when cut precisely and stacked on top of one another that stone needs nothing in order to accomplish a water and air tight seal?  And this marvel was accomplished by little gray and green beings hundreds maybe even thousands of years ago?  And those buildings built with these stones still stand and seal today!

These are the marvels of the use of stone construction on “top” of the earth hundreds maybe thousands of years ago.  You haven’t seen anything until you go down below!  You can be witness to many underground cities that have been discovered all over the world.  It’s been estimated that thousands and thousands of people were living in these cities at some point in time.  Beautiful and marvelous carvings and architecture adorn these cities.  Working sewer and water means are also part of these underground cities should you be wondering; how?  But two questions that haven’t been answered nor even a satisfactory hypothetical been given that I believe.  One; why were people or other beings living underground?  Two; why isn’t there even a trace of these beings left behind in these enormous cities?  No graveyards, no garbage deposits, no tools, nothing used in everyday living?  These cities are move in ready today!

You see I’m less about all the mysterious flying objects people are seeing and reporting.  It’s all of the discoveries that are being shown to us now that I’m interested in.  I’m interested in what these green and gray beings did long ago to help mankind move forward.  Some scientists and Alientologists believe our genetic codes have been tampered with over thousands of years.  They believe our intellectual ability was lacking and something had to be done.  Either alter our DNA in a spacelab or…yeah or, well you know, male aliens and maybe our female humans party together and, well you know the rest.  Somehow earthlings needed a boost in smarts.  A mix of DNA was needed.

Roswell, New Mexico happened.  In my mind there is no doubt about it.  Governments all over the world believed their populations were not ready for the shock and awe of aliens coming to town.  So, I believe crash sites and landing sites have been discovered, covered up, and lied about for seventy years or more.  Why?  Because the rest of us simpletons couldn’t handle the truth.  And, maybe we can’t!  I don’t even know if I can.  I believe but, so far all I know for sure is what happened yesterday.  Not today and nor tomorrow am I going to see anything myself that might scare the bejesus out of me.  So why should any of us be scared anyway?  Come on, if they can fly here undetected don’t you think they can probably destroy us either by unleashing a deadly and fast spreading virus or just annihilate us with firepower unlike anything we’ve ever hoped to build?

So why now is our government finally telling us a task force is being formed?  First of all don’t believe for a second that this task force or one like it hasn’t been operating since Roswell.  Remember “Operation Bluebook”?  Secondly I think there have been just too many “sightings” lately to continue to cover up anymore.  Photography technology has gotten too good.  Everyone has a camera (phone) with them all the time and they’re capturing flying stuff on their phones that’s scaring the hell out of people.  No, this task force has a much bigger objective to accomplish.  Maybe the most important task of our time.  This task force has been challenged to create a plan mapping out just how our government and others will break the news to the rest of us without causing a mass world wide panic.  Something has happened or will be happening that’s pushing our government to prepare the rest of us for breaking news.

I think sometime in the near future our own government is going to show us “something”.  I don’t know what that something will be but, this will be the first phase of filling us in on what has been discovered in the last fifty years.  All of us will be asked to contribute anything we might see or discover in some nonchalant manner, everything is okay, no worries, nothing here to see, mild tone delivery.  After this, all will be quiet.  We will be allowed to absorb this new craziness in our lives.  Along the way, weeks, months, years, more tidbits will be given to the public.  Nothing big so as not to panic us.  But finally, some day, and I hope Doug and I are still alive, we will be allowed to view some craft not of this world.  I don’t think in my lifetime we will ever be allowed to view remains of any of the Empire’s deceased Storm Troopers.  That is unless there is another crash site and many people are able to quick draw their cell phones and shoot the shot.  Should that happen the floodgates will open and we will all learn most everything there is to know.  Are we ready?  Is Doug ready?  Am I ready?  Me, I don’t want to see anything but what has already been discovered from long ago and maybe, way up high in the night sky, something flying that can’t be explained.  Other than these, I’m satisfied with the mystery and our government’s secret squirrel efforts to hide the truth.  This stuff is my new Halloween!  Scary, mysterious, mythical, magical, and all happening under the cover of darkness!  Exciting as long as it’s not real, right?  Oh yeah, Doug?  I think Doug wants to meet any being that might be aboard the spacecraft.  He’ll try to convince me and one of the female types to hit one of his old Disco nightclubs with him.  I won’t go but he will anyway.  At the end of the night Doug will beg for a ride home in the spaceship and once inside refuse to ever get out. This stuff just doesn’t scare Doug!

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