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Douglas County Sound Off 8-19-20

Do you have something to say? Say it here! Sound Off is an anonymous feature here at The Journal. It is a forum-like opportunity to give everyone a voice in Douglas County. It can be about a good deed you witnessed ot thanking someone for doing the right thing. It can also be a chance to mention something in the community that you would like to see changed. Names and email addresses will not be published and emails will be deleted after text is copied.

Please refrain from personal attacks and libel. The Journal does not investigate or deem any topic as fact and reserves the right to not print and Sound Offs that are personal attacks, hate speech, or are derogatory in any way. 

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I don’t know who is responsible for it but the flowers on the corner of Niles and Daggy are just breathtaking. I really enjoy them and want to thank whoever added that bright spot to the town. 

* anonymous

I don’t think that yard sales are safe to have right now. I get wanting to clear out the clutter, but it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the risk.

* anonymous 

We are asked to support our local businesses, but they don’t always support us.  I went to Do It Best the other day and I was the only one in the store who had a mask on.  When I asked the check out person why they were not wearing masks she said “we can if we want to, but I don’t want to”.  Fortunately, there are Champaign-Urbana stores who will get my business and believe in protecting their customers.  Kudos to Bath and Body Works who not only asks customers to mask and sets an example by doing so themselves, but also limit the number of people in the store at any one time.

* anonymous

Thank you to Mayor Kleiss on his appointment of Juanita Brace to the Tuscola City Council, I look forward to having her be a part!

* anonymous

Please wear your masks. I care for older family members and go out as little as I can, but I simply cannot not get food and medicine. I don’t want to go out to get what I need, only to be stupidly exposed and kill them.

* anonymous

It is so sad to see what happened to the old Dixie Cream Donuts, I had a lot of good memories in that place and will miss driving by it, and I really miss the donuts. 

* anonymous

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  1. Anonymous on September 3, 2020 at 5:49 pm

    My husband and I have enjoyed spending time at Ervin Park in Tuscola. Sometimes we pick up a meal and enjoy it while sitting in the pavilion. But the last time we stopped by, there was trash all through the East end of the pavilion. I didn’t pick it up because I didn’t have any gloves. I think the park board should consider putting trash cans with lids, that are hinged. To keep birds and squirrels from pulling the trash out! But…..I know that isn’t a solution if humans are the ones littering! PEOPLE, PLEASE PICKUP AFTER YOURSELVES! TAKE PRIDE IN THIS PARK! THANK YOU!

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