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City Council appoints Brace to Ward 1 vacancy

By Kendra Hennis
The meeting of the Tuscola City Council was called to order at 7:30 p.m. on August 10. All council members were present. 

The council began by appointing Juanita Brace to fill the Ward 1 vacancy left by Phyllis Truitt. 

Moving to new business, the council approved a $50,000 donation for dog park construction at Ervin Park. At the request of a private donor, the city included fencing for a proposed dog park in the Ervin Park Project. After meeting with the donor, the city is prepared to move forward with the project subject to a $50,000 budget. The donor is prepared to deposit the funds with the city or the Tuscola Community Foundation. The fencing bid is $30,348 for an enclosed area, with gates, between the North pavilion and North tennis courts at Ervin Park. The council also approved a Notice of Award to Main Street fencing in the amount of $30,348 to complete the project. They noted that contract documents have been sent to various contractors for the remainder of the Ervin Park Project and should receive completed contracts very soon. 

The council then approved a five-year contract extension beginning September 1, 2020 for solid waste services with Advanced Disposal Services. The contract for trash services is now $15.50 per month, but the cart rental and recycling would be included in that price. The price will increase in years four and five of the agreement. The agreement also approves the use of 100 percent ADP carts so that they can use an automated handler on their trucks. The standard size cart is 96 gallons, but they also have smaller carts available for senior citizens and others who do not want the full-sized cart. The automated handler allows ADP to complete the service more quickly and with fewer trucks. ADP is also including curb-side recycling for no cost to Tuscola residents. Residents who are interested just need to sign-up to receive a separate recycling cart, but there would be no additional fee. Pricing for commercial service would remain unchanged, subject only to the already-in place 2 to 4 percent increase signed to CPI. 

Several weeks ago, the council approved a consulting agreement with PGAC to prepare several items related to the potential redevelopment of the mall property. The city is now working with a potential buyer of the property who is interested but needs to get more detailed information such as the value of the property and the potential for growth. The council approved $10,000 in TIF assistance requested from the potential buyer to assist with costs working with Greensfelder Real Estate Strategy. 

Finally, the council approved the purchase of 120 West North Central from Craig Hastings for $59,500. The contract also provides 90 days to remove personal possessions; in the event that the building be sold for transport or salvage, Hastings will be entitled to fifty percent of the proceeds for a period of five years; and in the event that the building is demolished, Hastings will have the first right to salvage building materials, light fixtures, doors, hardware, ect. 

The council also:

* Approved the minutes of the July 27 board meeting. 

* Approved the payment of bills in the amount of $140,277.87.

* Adjourned at 7:48 p.m. until the August 24 meeting.

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