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Tuscola considers trash utility contract options

By Kendra Hennis
At the upcoming Tuscola City Council meeting on August 10 at 7:30 p.m., council members will need to consider a new contract for waste control services. Due to time constraints, the council will likely need to vote on this issue at the August 10 meeting. If you have any concerns or comments for the council, please email your public comment to

Currently, Tuscola residents pay $12.87 per month for basic trash service with Advanced Disposal Services (ADS). A “toter” cart is available by rental for $3.50 per month (about 65 percent of existing customers), and optional curb-side recycling is available for $2.50 per month (about 25 percent of existing customers.) So, the total “all-in” cost is $18.87 per month.

ADS is proposing a five-year contract extension with Tuscola at $15.50 per month, but the cart rental and recycling would be included at that price. The price would increase by 2.5 percent in year four and year five of the agreement. This means that the first three years would be $15.50, year four would be $15.89, and year five would be $16.29 per month. 

ADS is proposing using 100 percent ADS carts so that they can use an automated handler on their trucks. Privately-owned carts or trash cans would not be allowed. The standard size is 96 gallons, but they also have smaller carts available for senior citizens or others who do not want the full-size cart. The automated handler will allow them to complete the service more quickly and with fewer trucks.

ADS is also proposing to include curb-side recycling. Residents would still need to “sign-up” in order to receive a separate recycling cart, but there would be no additional fee.

Pricing for commercial service would remain unchanged, subject only to the already-in-place 2 to 4 percent annual increase tied to CPI.

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