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DCFB offering peaches

For a limited time, anyone can order Rendleman Peaches through the Douglas County Farm Bureau. Rendleman Orchards is from Alto Pass, Illinois. The peaches will be arriving in 25-pound boxes and are non-cling peaches. This year’s prices per 25-pound box are $35.00 for Douglas County Farm Bureau members and $40.00 for non-members. You must reserve your order by Friday, August 7 to purchase peaches this year. The delivery date for the peaches is Wednesday, August 12 and orders will be ready by 8:30 a.m. You must pick up your peaches on Wednesday, August 12 at the DCFB office by 5p.m. Douglas County Farm Bureau will not be liable for the quality of peaches that are not picked up on the delivery day. To order or for more information, please call the office at 217-253-4442.

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