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By Craig Hastings
So where does America go from here? The five or six cities with the greatest populations have been overrun in areas of these cities by anarchists, looters, and arsonists. All of these cities are run by elected Democrats that refuse to take any action to correct the wrongs. Understand, the entire city isn’t suffering this runaway crime. No, where these elitists that are in control live and breath is fine and everyday life continues on as it always has so why hurry to fix the small part of the city that is broken? These mayors certainly don’t want to upset these criminals so much so they might pay a visit to their part of town. We read that all of these mayors are in favor of some sort of defunding of their police departments right? Of course they weren’t until parts of their cities were taken over and political pressure followed. But here is what happens when defunding police departments happens.

The already crime ridden neighborhoods in all of these cities is where less policing happens once defunding takes place. Do you think for a second that these mayors will order less police presence in their own neighborhoods? Of course not. Nor will these mayors lessen patrols and police presence in those neighborhoods of their friends, families, and political cronies. Sorry people, this is just how the world works. Those in control and with all the power will and always have made sure they have taken care of their own first. Should there be any crumbs left for the underlings to share, that’s a good thing. The news today, those crumbs are being collected and defunded. Good luck, you’ll soon be on your own.

Someone explain to me just how did we get from a man dying in a brutal display of police incompetence and arrogance to the very records and standing memorials of our country’s history being threatened and destroyed? This movement is so much more than a change in how police conduct business. This is a movement to change everything about how America does business. I’m just an average Joe watching all of this unfold in front of me and even I can conclude these clowns being interviewed for television are mostly idiots with no real agenda. They have no idea what happens if police disappear from their neighborhoods.

Some of these people speak of how they are going to control the policing of their own neighborhoods making it their own responsibility. We see them with AR15s draped over their shoulders, they’re dressed in camo clothing, police accessories attached here and there about their person, and talking smack all puffed up and looking badass. They look ridiculous to those men and women who are really trained to do the job. Hypothetical: two of these wanna be tough guys get sniped from two hundred yards by someone that actually knows how to use an AR15. While this sniper is at it, he/she takes out one or two more of these wanna be tough guys. This can be done in just five to ten seconds and the sniper will disappear into the dark. Who investigates and follows up on the homicide of three people? Who among this group of radicals would even have the skills or the access to conduct an investigation? Even if by the one chance in twenty million they discover who shot these three people dead, who do they turn the suspect over too? There are no real police remember. Of course this one sniper suspect has his own posse seeing to it that he/she is protected from the radicals. The solution to the problem is the Hatfields and McCoys replayed in 2020. My money will be placed on whichever one of these families is played by the fired and retired police.

This is no joke! Good people with real survival skills will band together to defend their own from everyone and anything that threatens their families and way of life. These people who think they’ve taken over something today and are large and in charge will eventually be defeated wherever they make their last stand. If there are no police to enforce the laws of the country it’s every man and woman for themself. My advice for everyone is to team up with any group made up of fired and retired police officers. Here’s a fact; I could join with two or three hundred ex police officers with no fear of being arrested by anyone because there are no active police, just radical vigilantes, and we will retake these areas now under the control of the puppets of the radical left politicians. Remember now, there are no rules of engagement because there are no police to enforce the rules. It will be a battle of two entities; men and women who used to police because they were trained how, and a bunch of camo dressed make believes with AR15s that I doubt they know how to clear a misfire round should it happen.

Who will be left to complain too? Politicians!? The police are all gone and our military is forbidden to take law enforcement action on it’s own civilians. So says democrats Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Chucky Shumer anyway. They claim they know what they’re talking about right? Let’s let them believe they’re right this time and strike the military option from the enforcement options. Who is left?

This could be the most lopsided civil war in the world’s history. It will definitely be the shortest. I’m not kidding when I say this; I think we are just a few burned buildings and destroyed monuments away from civil unrest. I believe pockets of those that have had enough of this will strike back and not by words. Will police intervene? Will the FBI be charged with all police investigations from the national level? Maybe some states will keep their state police and defund or dismantle county and city police agencies? How long would it be before these same radical left groups demand state police and federal police stay out of their neighborhoods? Could America become a nation of tribes again? The only laws are the laws of the tribe. Everything goes, no rules, outside of the tribe? The answer is no. No because China, Russia, or a coordinated effort of both will attempt to take charge of America. We all know how these countries deal with unruly citizens. Try burning down a building or a monument of Putin in Russia. That will get you a wooden box bed that leaks water and worms under four or five feet of frozen snow and ice someplace.

Here’s my fix. Break these large cities into blocks of four or six jurisdictions. Every jurisdiction has its own Mayor. Here’s the rub, there has to be an equal number of Republican Mayors and Democrat Mayors in the blocks created from the divided city of say, New York. New York for sure is too large and too populated to be run by just one Mayor. The Democrat blocks can burn and loot themselves all they want I guess because the Republican blocks will not allow such destruction and unrest. Let them make sure all of the historical treasures are located in the Republican blocks for safe keeping. One more thing, make sure all the senior nursing homes are located in the Republican blocks also. We witnessed what happens if left under the control of a Democrat mayor in New York.

How can so few with such radical thinking manage to overtake city blocks without the intervention of the government of those cities? Will people really have to start killing one another before someone of authority does something to stop this craziness? Thank god those that drafted our constitution had the wisdom and forethought to imagine what is happening today might actually take place. Because of this they included the paragraphs of the 2nd amendment!

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