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By Craig Hastings
Well, so much for the importance of COVID-19 and its dominating role in the national news this weekend. It’s 12:30 a.m. now this Saturday morning. I’m sitting here writing this while continuing to watch for my sixth hour of Fox News coverage of the rioting in seven cities across the country. Why? You’ve all seen or read what happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25. An African American man allegedly died from heart failure brought on by the contributing injuries he suffered in an arrest incident with police. The victim, George Floyd, had been placed under arrest for allegedly presenting a counterfeit $20 bill for payment of merchandise at a retail store in Minneapolis. A total of four Minneapolis police officers eventually arrived on the scene to affect the arrest of Floyd. Police Officer Derek Chauvin was arrested four days later for third degree murder and the other three officers were fired the day after the incident along with Chauvin. As of tonight no charges have been filed against the other three even though there has been pressure on those officials with the ability to immediately do so. I believe eventually one or more of the other three will be charged with a crime maybe related to their failure to intervene in the actions of Chauvin.

For three nights now what was first reported as protesting by some citizens of Minneapolis, quickly turned to rioting. Tonight as I watch televised reporting, protesting and more rioting is taking place in seven large cities across America. Yes America. Not Afghanistan, not Iraq, not Iran, nope not Pakistan, but The United States of America. Tonight there is mass rioting, looting, and the burning of large numbers of vehicles and businesses all across America. George Floyd has all but been forgotten as these opportunists and criminals take advantage of a tragic incident in just one city not seven, ten, or twelve cities, just one. Some reporting tells us that some of the instigators are hired guns that are paid to work crowds into a frenzy causing them to loot and destroy all for their cause. I define these “hired guns” not as people with actual guns but people that bring their ability to rile already tempered crowds to commit felony crimes. These people bring to town their trained skills in this sort of activity. Their cause travels one direction and for one purpose; to undermine and unravel the government of the most powerful country in the world, These United States of America.

If the COVID-19 pandemic is real, and mostly I believe it is at least for some of the population (including me at my age) these disgusting and lead from the rear with covered face dirtbags have gained much ground these past four days! Their mission is to pull the population of this country apart and tonight I clearly see that they are succeeding! I’ve been watching and listening intently to the opinions of everyone of the guests, crowd members, government officials, and simple Simmons that have been interviewed these past four days and nights on television. They are clearly divided on some if not all of the facts, rumors, reporting, and colleagues’ opinions of why these rioting felons are doing what they are doing. Some of these mindless clowns are actually conjuring up justifications as to why the looters and arsonists should be able to commit these crimes without fear of arrest! What?!

I’ve yet to hear any pushback from any of the interviewers so far but here is what I would say in response to any of their bold face lies; “So using your same ridiculous theory, if ten of these same guys show up at your house tonight and steal all of your prized possessions, anything of real value, your car, and then set your house on fire containing all of the story of your family history including pictures, videos, books, passed down irreplaceable possessions, etc., you’re telling me now that you would be okay with that because these dirtbags were driven to it by all the grief they’re suffering over a man that died four days ago that most probably can’t even remember his name!? Do you really believe that I would or anyone else would believe you if you answer “yes”!? “Oh yeah, and the ten dirtbags won’t be investigated let alone an arrest ever being made!” Most all of these business owners who stores were looted and burned were already suffering from devastating lost revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, just days away from being fully operational again their livelihood has been robbed and or burned to the ground. And don’t forget all of those employees that were anxiously awaiting getting a paycheck again and their careers back!

And you know the most pathetic part of all of what is happening right now tonight and two nights prior? There are governors in this country, and ours is one of them, threatening restaurant/bar owners, shop keepers, hairdressers, gatherings of more than ten people, and open sporting competitions with fines and possible arrests for doing what they do in order to feed their families! Governors, you’re using some constitutionally arguable and imaginary authority you feel you have to threaten law abiding, tax paying, mothers, and fathers in your states but, you’ve let these hooligans, looters, thieves, and arsonists run wild in the streets of the large cities in your jurisdictions because you don’t have a clue in the world how the heck to handle and control them! So once again, the good, hardworking, honest, and peaceful tax payers and retired same will bear the brunt of the cost to rebuild and replace what has been lost due to your inabilities to do the job in which you were elected. You go on television and interview for print media in order to threaten all of your law abiding citizens to social distance and wear a mask. We’re to wash our hands anytime we move from one place to another and remember to disinfect everything we have before us in a day. And by god we all better have the additional income to buy all of these chemical wipes and sprays even in the midst of a pandemic that has caused way too many people to no longer have a job! However! If the good people of your states want to take a trip to say Chicago or drive a bit farther to Minneapolis and hook up with the rest of the looters and arsonists, they can steal all they can carry and maybe set a fire or two for entertainment value of the night out on the town. In a few hours return home and sell for cheap the booty they stole to their friends and neighbors to offset the cost of the mandatory wet wipes, and bleach sprays! Crazy you think!? You’ve not seen “nothin” yet my friends! The craziness has just begun in this latest tragedy of a lost life that’s starting to turn political as I write this!

Should we expect to see if any of these overstepping governors step up to a microphone and dare scold these looters (voters) and arsonists (voters) for not practicing social distancing, hand washing, masking, and no contact!? Probably this is what we might hear; “President Trump needs to address the fact these thousands of “his citizens” out in public places are not practicing “his” guidelines. LOL! All of a sudden, the “sudden” being a crisis they themselves are incompetent to handle in their own states, Trump is again responsible. Responsible for how these governors themselves used an iron hand approach to mandate how the citizens in their states would manage their own lives. “My good citizens, because I’m your governor, naturally I know better than any of you what you need to do in order to survive this virus. With that said, do what I say and dare not do as my own family gets too!” If you didn’t already know, a few of these governors shipped their own families to places where masks and social distancing need not be the rule of the day while other governors’ spouses expected to violate the very boating mandates their governor spouse set for the rest of the state’s populations! When caught this particular governor bold faced lied to their citizens, twice!

This is yet another tragedy that’s been heated to a glowing red, pulled from the coals, laid out on a heavy anvil, and is now being beaten by two handheld sledge hammers. Will the final shape of the forge resemble a donkey or elephant? I guess we’ll know in November. Sooner if Joe Biden continues to be interviewed from his basement I think. Next week we’ll talk about what happened and what should and shouldn’t have happened at that crime scene in Minneapolis.

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