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Tuscola Stone rolls out “rock star” program

Tuscola Stone Company has been in business over 50 years in Douglas County.  The mining company provides crushed limestone materials for agriculture, construction and road projects in East Central Illinois. The company appreciates our local community that has supported our business for 5 decades.  Mining companies have been designated as an essential business under the Governor’s Executive Order.  This benefits our company and its employees.  So we feel particularly fortunate to keep working.  “We have supported many organizations in Douglas County over the years, but we felt a special need to reach out to our community during these tragic times,” said General Manager Alan Shoemaker. “So I asked my team in the office to help our company come up with a program to support local businesses and reward those folks that have helped us through these difficult times.”  My office staff: Eliza Fair, Amber Seip, and Jenny Thurston came up with a program! Eliza insisted that we also make it “fun” and maybe give folks something to smile about. We call our little program the community “rock star” program. 

Tuscola Stone has recognized several groups for their unselfish efforts as volunteers or essential workers to help the community from children to the elderly.  This will include school employees, day care owners, city employees, volunteer organizations, to name a few.  Then we selected a list of businesses in town to help support them.  The list includes restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and many more. 

The program will work like this:

Tuscola Stone will purchase gift cards or gift certificates from local merchants.  Then give them or a donation to our front line essential workers and volunteers to show our appreciation.  The participants will be recognized as community “rock stars” by Tuscola Stone Company.  We will recognize two new groups each week. 

Finally, the business and the recipient organization will receive a community “rock star” sticker or poster to display on their front window to show our community that they were recognized for their help during this pandemic.  We expect to see several “Stars” come out in our community in the weeks ahead!  We appreciate our community and this is a small way to let them know that they are “rock stars” to us.

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