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Sorenson and Reno in Villa Grove Heritage spring sports senior spotlight

By Tony Hooker 
With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing all athletic competition to a halt, I thought it would be good to get to know the seniors who compete for Villa Grove, Heritage and VGH coop teams.

Ierik Sorenson
What is your favorite sports moment?  What’s the first thing that you see when visualizing that moment?

If you were to ask me my favorite sports moment before this whole ordeal I would have given you a specific moment as a typical response. Due to what we are all going through though, I would have to say that my favorite sports moment is just any time with my team. I now have a different outlook on things and realize we take too much for granted. And for the first thing I see when I picture those moments is being with the people that I have formed bonds with over the years through sports.

Who does the best Coach Wilson impression?  Is it any good?

I saw the best coach Wilson impression during one of our team skits that we had every Thursday. Can’t exactly remember who did it, but it was great and the whole team loved it.

Who’s your favorite teacher?

I don’t like favorites, especially when all the teachers put in hard work. So I am thankful for all the teachers that have contributed to my education. 

When we can start going again, who do you have to have tickets to see in concert?

Never been to a concert, so honestly any concert would be amazing!

Cubs, Cards, or another team?  

Easy, Cards

What’s your favorite restaurant?  What are you ordering?

My favorite restaurant is Hickory River and I would order their pulled pork with mild sauce.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I would like to see myself looking to start a family and also find the job that best suits me and makes me the happiest.

Sam Reno
What’s your favorite memory of your team that doesn’t involve a game or meet?

During my sophomore year, our team was doing yoga up in Coach Stokowski’s classroom off of his SMART Board. It was the first Thursday of the NCAA Tournament, and the game between Loyola-Chicago and Miami was coming down to the wire. He told us all to stop, paused the yoga video, and brought up the March Madness Live broadcast of the game just in time to watch Donte Ingram bury a deep, buzzer-beating three-pointer to spearhead their Final Four run. 

What are your post-graduation plans?

I am going to attend a four-year university, still undecided on where, and earn a degree in journalism.

What’s your favorite food?

Shrimp Tacos

What are you driving these days?

A 2007 White Chrysler Pacifica

Who’s your favorite teacher?

Mrs. Beals

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I have long wanted to cover sports, so hopefully I am writing for some sports organization in an official capacity.

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