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EMA news release

To the residents of Douglas County, 

At a meeting of the Douglas County board on Tuesday morning, March 25th, the emergency proclamation from the Douglas County Board in regard to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was extended to May 8, 2020. This allows the Douglas County EMA and Douglas County Health Department to coordinate county and municipal resources in regard to response activities in suspending certain procedures of county business.

“We appreciate all the efforts from Douglas county government, municipalities, and the citizens of Douglas County to stay at home during this time to slow down the spread of COVID-19 in Douglas County,” said Douglas County Emergency Management Public Information officer, Pat Titus. 

“Our COVID-19 Emergency Operations Task Force continues to meet on a daily basis allowing all the county departments to provide updates on their efforts

“The Douglas County Emergency Management Association, the Douglas County Health Department, and the Douglas County Board have been working together to provide resources for this county,” said assistant EMA director, Chana Ray.

Signed, Douglas County EMA

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