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By Craig Hastings
I was watching one of President Trump’s daily briefings on the Coronavirus last week when one of the most ridiculous questions anyone could ask at a time like this was pitched at the President.  “Mr. President, is it true that someone in the Oval Office called this virus “Kung-Flu?”  “And if so Mr. President don’t you think that is a racist remark?” I wasn’t sure if at the moment the President was tempted to laugh or berate the reporter for asking such a romper room question.  With a choice of a hundred pertinent questions concerning the crisis at hand, this is the question this reporter chose to ask!!?  The President actually handled it quite well.  He quickly acknowledged that he himself has tagged this as the China flu.  “And why not he said,  it did originate in China so why wouldn’t we refer to it as “The China Flu?!”  Of course he added that even if this statement had been made by someone in the White House that he didn’t see how it would be considered a racist remark.  Me, I believe more than twenty people inside the White House and in every other political arena in DC have mouthed the phrase “Kung-Flu.”  How in the world is this a racist remark rather than a poke at humor?

How many of us knew just how much America and Americans rely on Chinese manufacturing to keep our day to day lives running?  How many of us knew that 95 percent of all of our pharmaceuticals are manufactured in China?  How many of us knew China holds about a trillion dollars of American debt we pay interest on every day? The next time you buy anything but a food product, turn that product upside down and check the little sticker on the bottom.  90 percent of the time or more that sticker will state, “Made In China”.  Have we become so cheap and disinterested in our own well being that we are willing to demand rock bottom prices for rock bottom in quality junk products?  That answer is “yes”.  My friends, this pandemic has taken us all to school. If we won’t learn from our mistakes, we’re doomed.  Well, maybe not those of us fifty and older because our years are numbered anyway but, we AARP qualified citizens need to right this ship and do it quickly.  The future of our own children and grandchildren are depending on us.

Any of you ever researched, really dug as deep as you could, how much property and how many industries are owned by the Chinese government right here in America?  I’ve not worried myself as much as maybe I should about this because I figure we could always just take these things away if the circumstances ever demanded it.  But of course the extreme left wing, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez types would fight for the rights of the Chinese government even in a time of crisis to stop the common sense right wingers from taking anything away from the Chinese government even if those actions meant saving the American economy from ruin. 

Remember a few years ago when we snickered and sneered at the public remarks and displays of these radical left wingers that had just been elected to Congress as they bellowed, cussed, and accused the rest of us for being racist, for being Americans?  They proudly proclaimed how they ran for office and were elected by their supporters to bring great change to America.  A socialist government was their goal and is still today.  Damn, the Democrats set Bernie Sanders up in 2016 to fail before all the world to see in order to put Hillary Clinton in the office of President of the United States.  It was the Democrats attempt to show the world that anyone supporting a socialist movement in America was destined to fail and they buried Bernie and didn’t even try to hide their dastardly deed.  And in 2020 the Democrats are doing it all over again to Bernie!  He never had a chance to win the nomination of the democratic party in 2020.  As I write this tonight he is officially still in the race against Joe Biden but unofficially he’s out!  He knows it but there he is, waving his arms and pointing his fingers, face turning red, and all the while a bunch of young Americans that can vote but won’t take the time to vote are holding up “Vote Bernie” signs in the background.

This is Bernie’s last harah. He really was too old this time to run for POTUS and for sure will be in 2024.  So why do the democrats allow Bernie to stay in the primary race in the first place?  Surely the party could squeeze him out much earlier and be done with him right?  The democrats need to keep Bernie’s base supporters along for the ride as long as possible.  The younger generation voters that he attracts with his radical and socialist agenda become disinterested quickly once their candidate is out.  Therefore Bernie gets to play in right field without being benched early in order to keep his supporters/voters at the game.  Already we see this primary in it’s last inning and the opposing team, “Team Biden”  the players are lining up to shake hands and tell the Bernie Backers; “Good game” even though they don’t mean it.  This game, as the case of the 2016 Hillary debacle, was over before the first pitch was thrown,

So what or who does this leave Americans to vote for in November?  In the absence of a single democratic candidate qualified or unqualified for president, President Trump should be re-elected in 2020.  Love him or hate him, with what’s going on in the world, now isn’t a time for change.  If we aren’t already in an economic war with China, we will be before this pandemic is under control around the world.  Some countries will need to be rebuilt and propped up in the aftermath  as though they had just been through a world war of bombs and bullets.  The source of all this devastation is China and the entire world recognizes this.  So you tell me just how “China Joe” Biden, the father of “Hallucinating Hunter” Biden will convince the rest of the world leaders that he, Joe, is the guy they need in charge to deal with the Chinese government?  Remember the undisputed flight on Air Force Two that Joe and Hunter took together to China?  Soon after Hunter Biden landed a billion dollar investment deal with the Chinese government.  The same Hunter Biden that had been battling drug addiction and had zero knowledge of the investment portfolio he was handed in China.

Had this coronavirus evolved in any country other than China, then maybe I wouldn’t be so hard on the Bidens tonight.  But, boys and girls, those Ukraine and China investment deals gifted to Hunter Biden were laced with skunk oil. They stunk at the time and that stinch never went away.  You can Febreze spray these deals day and night for a year solid and they will always still smell.  I believe the Chinese government could bury the Bidens with corruption allegations whether true or false it wouldn’t matter.  Just because of the amount of investment exchanged in the deals with the circumstances surrounding each, the Bidens appear deeply involved.  After all, who profited from these deals?  Hunter himself in a television interview stated he probably wouldn’t have and couldn’t have landed these deals had he not been the Vice President’s son.  And it’s China!

I’ll end my rant with this.  One, I believe Joe Biden would have beaten Donald Trump in 2016.  None of this dirt would have ever surfaced had he been President today.  I thank the powers that be that Donald Trump did win and all of this was discovered along with many other dirty, rotten, political deals that have been discovered under the Trump presidency.  Two, I believe we have only heard a whisper of the scandal that surrounds the Biden family.  I believe we will be shocked and shaken with what we learn during the race for president between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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