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By Craig Hastings
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), some higher powers’ way of reminding all of us, the entire world population, of just how vulnerable and insignificant we really are? Maybe. I think so but you think what you please. So just where and how did this virus originate? Does it even matter? What matters is that this virus chose a human as it’s host and to use this human to spread and multiply. It could be this virus was first identified infecting a person in China but is China where it originated. There is no way to know. With so many sicknesses occurring in third world countries that are never treated or identified who knows. People die in some places on earth and no one really cares much as sad as this is. It’s week three now and it seems the finger pointing has stopped in favor of a worldwide effort to get this virus under control. And under control doesn’t mean a cure. Right now it simply means containing it to the populations where it has spread which is pretty much everywhere in the world.

Amazingly this week it appears that Republicans and Democrats have decided to work together to save the health and even lives of all Americans. But has our government over reacted to this health risk and maybe not reacted strongly enough to others? Wasn’t it reported that other influenza viruses kill 60,000 plus Americans every year? Mostly the elderly and very young? But yet I don’t remember such a rush to isolate as we have with this coronavirus. Could this be because scientists do not fully understand how and why this virus attacks our respiratory systems like they do other influenzas? Are health officials around the world afraid that there might be a more sinister danger within the makeup of this coronavirus?

Think about the magnitude of the actions of precautions that Mayors, Governors, and today the President have taken to keep us from being in contact with one another. You have to know its serious stuff when sporting events such as the NCAA March Madness tournament has been cancelled. I hope this is an event that will take place before college campuses graduate this spring. Someone tell me why it couldn’t because I don’t understand. Can’t these teams continue to practice for the next month or so and pick up where the event left off? I get why the NBA season is probably over because America is so close to starting the Major League Baseball season. What happens if all fan gathering is still prohibited in May when the Indianapolis 500 gears up? Will it be postponed in 2020 or raced another day?

I’ve discovered we Americans whine a lot about our inconveniences. How dare a virus keep us from socializing at our sporting events, school classes, political rallies, etc. We can watch all of these events on television if the participates are tested and determined to be virus free. The same is true for school. In today’s exceptional tech world couldn’t teachers teach from their classrooms via satellite at a time like this? Probably we’ve been caught with our pants down this go around but what about the next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time for sure. Maybe worse so let’s buy ourselves a belt that fits. At a time like this someone like me isn’t affected as much as most because I’m a boring guy. I don’t like to socialize or be out in the world other than when I’m at work. I can’t tell you the last time I bought or was given a ticket to attend any big sporting event. If I care to watch I’d much rather watch on television where I get to see the last play six or seven times as opposed to seeing it once or missing it by being at the actual game in person.

Okay so you too get to see a replay on a big screen right after but I get to see it replayed and debated throughout the rest of the game. Same thing in auto racing. There is no way you get to see what I get to see after a crash if you’re there live and I’m at home in my recliner. I guarantee I’ll get to see much more detail and hear much more analysis as to what just happened than you will as a spectator at the race. However, what you get to do that I don’t is drink beverages with your friends before, during, and after in a party like atmosphere. You get to socialize for hours with your friends when I don’t get to but the truth is, I really don’t have many friends. At least not the kind of friends I travel with and spend a whole day. The point being is that having to stay home right now is okay for some people. I think the major news networks intentionally play on the affect self- containment has on the Americans that not only want to be out and about enjoying the company of their friends and family but also those people that actually need socialization in their lives. It makes for much more interesting and serious news reporting.

Anyway, the world has been taken to school by this virus. We will learn from our shortcomings, unpreparedness, and communication deficiencies and we will do better the next time. Or it could be the next world crisis event will have nothing to do with something such as a disease. It could be that a catastrophic weather event might sweep in and affect many parts of the world. Are we prepared? How about an unpredicted solar event that causes a real climate change and not one of a political ruse? Are we being tested and can we be prepared for what’s next? We’ll find out I’m sure.

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