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Holding It All Together-But In The Meantime

By Amy McCollom
So by now we have figured out that this Coronavirus thing isn’t going to go away overnight.  Whether ridiculous or for safety sake, a lot of our favorite and normal events and activities have and are being cancelled and postponed.  It is a very sobering reality that if we do come down with something, anything really, we must stay in our house for at least a ten-day duration.   I am sure everyone is very disappointed and a little worried at this time.

I can see some people have lost all of their sanity, manners, and brotherly love when the threat of crisis struck.  Hoarding toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, vinyl gloves, soap, and hand sanitizer does nothing more than make the situation worse.  The people who might truly need such items will now be faced with none available. It is selfish and a jerk move to do such a thing. We are all in this together; why not help one another?  Brother should help brother. This is not an “every man for himself” situation. This is America. United we stand, or divided we fall.

Since being quarantined in our house is a possibility any day now, I have put together a list of ideas of things to do if we ever become housebound.  I hope this list can help us all keep ourselves busy and our minds off of our troubles, should we be forced to entertain ourselves in the confines of our four walls.

Bake cookies

Play a board game

Build a blanket fort

Go through your boxes of photos

Clean out your fridge

Rearrange your cupboards

Switch up your home decorations

Have a movie marathon

Make dinner together as a family

Have an indoor Olympics

Watch home movies

Read a good book

Do a craft

Do a work out video


Play cards

Play hide and seek

Play flashlight tag

Have a scavenger hunt

Finish knitting/sewing/crocheting project

Write a letter to a friend

Take a bubble bath

Update your address book

Make a “campsite” inside

Have an indoor picnic

Try different kinds of tea

Do yoga

Try out new dance moves

Deep clean your house

Invent something

Research new recipes

Binge-watch your favorite shows

Read the paper

Play a video or computer game

Make ice cream sundaes

Learn to speak a foreign language

Sort through and purge your clothing

Make a short movie

Make your pet some new outfits

Teach your pet some new tricks

Do a crossword puzzle or sudoku

Make soup

Work a challenging puzzle

Test your knowledge with brain teasers at a site like

Online shop

Free up your phone space

Organize your bookshelf

De-clutter your entire house

Soften your bed linens with vinegar and baking soda

Research or design your next tattoo

Clean your makeup brushes

Weave a rug

Weave a basket

Make your own beads from clay

Read the Bible

Sing along to karaoke songs


Learn to play the drums

Learn how to train monkeys

Start a workout routine

Plan your garden

Learn how to count cards

Learn how to play Black Jack

Look up the best prices of flights to Las Vegas

Play Just Dance with the kids


Arm wrestle

Learn to write with your toes

Make candles

Re-paint the living room

Bake a gourmet cake

Watch MacGyver and learn some survival skills

Learn to whittle

Take up macramé

Make homemade noodles

Watch a TED talk

Whatever it is you find to do to keep you busy and calm, if it comes to that, just remember that God sees and cares about all that you go through.  Do not leave Him out of the trials of your life. As the Good Book says, “This too shall pass.” Take care, my friends.

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