Douglas County EMA COVID-19 update

To the residents of Douglas County, 
The Douglas County Emergency Management Association is announcing the closure of non-essential services in Douglas County. Governor JB Pritzker announced a Stay at Home directive to all citizens of Illinois.

“We want the citizens of Douglas County to know that there should be no panic in this county,” said board chairman Don Munson.

“These changes may be different from everyday activities but not disruptive. We need to remain calm…and stay at home,” said Munson.

Jobs deemed essential include: Health care workers, grocery store employees, pharmacists, hardware store workers, plumbers, electricians, day care providers, bank tellers and roles that are essential to a business’ operations such as payroll and security. This also includes police, firefighters, paramedics and sanitation workers. 

For more detailed information about whether a business is considered essential, please go to  HYPERLINK “”

Local resources are also available from the Douglas County Health Department  HYPERLINK “” The Douglas County Health Department will also be launching a new Hotline at 1/(801) 997-0019.

Illinois residents are allowed to leave their homes to care for the elderly, minors, dependents, persons with disabilities or other vulnerable persons. People also can engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, running or walking as long as they maintain a social distance of 6 feet.

This stay at home plan is in effect from March 21 at 5 p.m. CST until the end of the day on April 7, 2020.

“We need you, and what we can do on the frontlines in Douglas County will help us to get through this crisis,” says assistant EMA director, Chana Ray. “Please stay at home.”

The Douglas County Emergency Management Agency

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