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Holding It All Together-Politics And Brussel Sprouts

By Amy McCollom
Nothing makes me want to leave a room faster than when I hear a conversation break out about politics.  I check out mentally the second I hear the first comment. That is because most people do not have all of the facts to discuss politics intelligently, and base their opinions on here say, media bull, and skewed polls and statistics.  I also dislike Brussel sprouts. I was forced to choke them down as a kid, and now that I can ban them from my life, I have never been more nutritionally pleased. Both politics and Brussel sprouts can ruin a perfectly good dinner.

Being smarter than the average bear, if I do not have all of the facts, then I cannot possibly form an educated opinion about a topic.  I can only trust my own personal experience and knowledge. I wish more people would realize this. Too many people try to win an argument with assumptions, other people’s opinions, and media garbage.  If you do not know by now that all major media outlets are paid to report a “version of the truth,” then you are in for a rude awakening. Sadly, politics have taken over the “news” and the truth is harder and harder to find.  Be smarter than that.

Politics have become more of a popularity contest than an expression of voting for a candidate’s character and belief system.  The candidate with the most money, commercials, flyers, and celebrity backers seem to get the most votes. Shame on us for letting politics become this.

Whatever happened to our due diligence to get to know the candidates, research what they stand for, and then decide privately to vote for the best person for the job?  It is our responsibility as Americans to really, really know who we are putting in office to govern over us. We have all gotten lazy and careless, and our country has grown weak and wicked because of it.  We need to vote for more than a pretty face. We need to vote for our beliefs, and know for a fact that we are doing so.

Take these next couple of weeks and seek out those tough questions in your heart.  Then vote for what you believe in. Knowledge is power, especially when voting for a candidate for public office.  Place your vote for the right reasons. It is our responsibility as Americans.

And with saying all of that, I must end with a suggestion.  My brother, Dr. Chuck Ellington, is running for the congressional seat in the 15th District in Illinois.  He isn’t running to start a political career; he is already a doctor and lawyer. He is running because he knows he can make a positive difference for the people of our country.  He has the knowledge and experience to reform Obamacare, and health care reform has been his focus and concern for years. He did a year-long fellowship at Georgetown University, D.C., specializing in health care reform, and was even recruited by political elites to participate in a health care forum recently.  He knows how to run with the big dogs. He knows how to lead.

Dr. Chuck Ellington is clear and upfront about what he stands for:  he is an avid hunter and gun owner, knows the need for rural health care, is pro-life, and is willing to stand up against big Pharma and other lobbyists that seek a political foothold.  He is a Christian who puts God first in his life and honesty is a foundation stone in his life. I know him on a deep and personal level. He is my younger brother. I have played board games with him, sang songs with him, and had deep conversations with him.  I know what he stands for and believes. I know how much he believes in doing the right thing. I trust him and the decisions he will make in Washington D.C. for me and my family. And that is why I will vote for him on March 17, 2020.

Meet him, talk to him, read about him, ask him the hard questions.  Then you will know for yourself that this man has a plan and drive to make the changes for us that will matter.  You can find his web site explaining his position and how to contact him at .  By the way, he doesn’t like Brussel sprouts either, so keep that in mind if you invite him for dinner.  And as always, may God’s will and plan prevail, and may God bless America.

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