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By Craig Hastings
Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders stated Friday that about thirty days ago he had been briefed by U.S. Officials that Russian operatives were attempting to interfere in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. How true this information may be is questionable at best, but the intelligence rumor is that the Russians would like to see Senator Sanders win the 2020 election. One would think that intelligence as sensitive as this would remain secret squirrel stuff for sure. But of course it didn’t because the powers that be in the National Democratic Party are in a panic worrying that Senator Sanders may indeed win the nomination and they can’t have that. As Wednesday and Thursday were shaping up just before Saturday’s Nevada caucus, it became obvious to the party that Sanders was probably going to win the majority of delegates in Nevada. The democrats needed to stop this so, as with all things in Washington DC, a leak of the newest Russian hoax was directed to The Washington Post. The motive was to cast doubt with Sander’s integrity on the minds of democratic caucus goers in Nevada right before the big event Saturday.

Joe Biden had earlier in the week predicted he would win Nevada paving a path for a successful South Carolina primary win. If he could pull these two consecutive wins off maybe, just maybe, he would get his campaign back on track and eventually challenge President Trump in November. This was the race the hierarchy in the Democratic Party had wanted, hoped, and worked for since 2016. Then along came Bernie…again. The DNC robbed Bernie from the nomination in 2016 and handed the loot to Hillary Clinton and it appears they’re damned to do it again. The Russian intervention rumor has an intended two fold mission, convince voters Sanders is in cahoots with Putin and if we don’t believe that, then we are to think President Trump put the Russians up to pushing for Sanders because Trump is confident he will beat Sanders easily in the November election. Either way, both Trump and Sanders are Russian operatives and a third option is needed.

The Democratic National Committee still, four years later, believe you and I have at best a first grade education and an inability to think for ourselves. So why is it that the democrats oppose one of their own so much? Because Bernie is a self-proclaimed socialist that runs as a democrat because he is afraid he couldn’t win running as a socialist or as an independent. In other words he wouldn’t be able to be controlled like a puppet on a string like Obama and those before him, by the real powers that be in the Washington DC Democratic Party. This was the same fight Trump had to win when he competed in a field of seventeen republican hopefuls in 2016. In 2016 the republicans never thought Trump had a chance to win the nomination and did everything they could to change the republican voters minds so they wouldn’t vote for Trump. The very same thing is happening to Sanders now that happened to him in 2016. The difference between the democrats and republicans is that the democrats have these cheat cards called Super Delegates that pretty much assures that the registered democratic voters don’t really get to choose their candidate in the general election for the President of The United States.

I’m sure that after Sanders won the Nevada caucus that the party is in a full meltdown. What options are left with just nine months before the election? Hillary is waiting by the phone I’m sure. Bloomberg may be waiting at the DNC convention with bags of unmarked cash for any delegates willing to be legally influenced. Let Sanders go ahead and win with the stipulation that Joe Biden is his running mate for VP? Maybe Bloomberg for VP? What to do? The clock is running out and there are few plays left. This field of democratic candidates is and was so very poor this primary election. How can that be? Is there not someone in the party worthy? Probably. Is there not someone in the party willing to be beat up by Trump in the months leading up to November? Probably not. If the best and brightest in the democratic party was the group Pelosi hand picked to take on Trump in the impeachment process; Lordy be, the well has indeed run dry.

I don’t think it’s entirely Donald Trump that beats the democrats this fall. He has said and done some things that most of us that voted for him disapprove of. The tweeting needed to stop after the first six months he was in office. But come on, as long as democrats pretend to support the asinine Green New Deal, open borders, health insurance for anyone and everyone in the country illegally, abolishing ICE, removing the current tax cuts, and the most bizarre stand of all; allowing abortions right up to the day of birth, the republicans could nominate a rock with “TRUMP” painted on it, have a tree limb as the rock’s running mate for VP, and still win the 2020 election. What has happened to the Democratic Party?!

With all this said; if Senator Sanders does manage to avoid getting cheated again this time around, Republicans better not lay down on this election because Bernie has a loyal following and it’s growing every day. Don’t count this guy out regardless of how ridiculous you might think it is to believe America, after all the world conflicts we’ve fought to repel the idea, could ever lean socialist. It could happen. The road back to capitalism might not ever happen again. Not without another civil war and I’m getting too old to fight that fight but I would.

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