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Budget and Finance subcommittee report

By Jim Allen
The Douglas County Budget and Finance Committee met on February 14, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

Tee Jay Central, Inc. installed automatic door equipment on the South handicap entrance at the Courthouse on February 15, 2019.  The equipment was covered by a one-year warranty.  Since the warranty will be expired, the committee recommended that a one-year service agreement in the amount of $706.00 be accepted by the full board.  Tee Jay Central will receive calls 24 hours a day and normal response time is by the end of the next normal working day after notification.

The committee then addressed the entry doors on the east side of the courthouse.  After discussion, the committee recommended to the full board that automatic door operators be installed on the north door of the east entry.  It was noted that difficulty with the present situation occurred by some who had physical hardship or those who were carrying large items.  Security Door and Hardware Co. of Urbana submitted a bid of $2,850.00 for the project.

Sheriff Joshua Blackwell was present to request a new computer server for his department.  This is required because of an upgrade to Windows 10.  The cost of this system was in last years budget, but no invoice was received by Simplified Computers before January 1, 2020, so the purchase had to be moved to the 2020 budget year.  Since the Sheriff’s 2020 budget did not have the computer system in it, the purchase will be made from account # 035, a contingency fund.  The system will be $7,000.

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