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Tuscola IGA talks big changes to come in the future

By Kendra Hennis
I had the chance to talk with IGA CEO Larry Tobias about the upcoming move from the current IGA location to the former Shopko building. Tobias noted that the project will take some time, with the expected deadline to be a year and a half. They decided to make the big move due to the changes needed with the current IGA building. The new building will allow for IGA to update and become a more functional store for the community. Tobias said that “the Shopko building is very well constructed, and the move is what is best long term for the company and the community of Tuscola.” A lot of factors are still being considered by the company in terms of what they will do with the new building, they are currently going around to different stores and seeing the latest trends in them and what works best for the store. Tobias ended with saying that he “is excited to be starting with a blank piece of paper, and that this is going to be a great opportunity for IGA and for the town of Tuscola.” 

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