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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
It’s late Saturday night and I’m here by myself with nothing to do. Shannon has gone to Oklahoma for a four-day early Christmas celebration with her family. Payton is out with friends in Champaign and Lukas is cruising around town. I’ve done all of the laundry, vacuumed the house, and done the dishes. So what about TV? I’ve told you before that I’m a fan of the series “Ancient Aliens.” It was this or “Live PD’ and I didn’t feel like watching something that I do all week. I’m not sure if the segment on the moon was old or new but I hadn’t seen it so I decided to take it in.

Now I’ve said before that I think this whole aliens thing is fascinating and certainly gives me notion to pause and think, what if? There have been some theories and best guesses that haven’t convinced me to be what’s going on now and in the past. This segment on the moon tonight has me concluding a split decision. For instance, I find it a little weird that of the tens of thousands of obvious asteroids that have struck the moon’s surface that none of them have left a crater that is deeper than the deepest one. How can that be? This seems to be an undisputed fact by the experts that study these things.

Then the information tonight gets even more interesting. Some say there are obvious obelisks standing upright on the moon’s surface similar to some of those found on earth. Others argue that these images are nothing more than shadows and reflections appearing to be these things that they are not. Okay, this is a big deal and further study needs to be done. If there are indeed unnatural objects standing on the moon’s surface, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin didn’t leave inflatables behind when they were on the moon on July 20, 1969. If there are obelisks on the moon, someone or some other being put them there before Americans landed.

So next up were many reports from astronomers and even old footage of Aldrin and Armstrong stating that they all have seen flashing lights on the moon. None can offer up a reasonable explanation for this. Some of these same people report streaks of light that would trail behind a flying vehicle. It’s at this point in the program I’m becoming skeptical. Surely in the time since 1969 more would have been said about this. But it’s the last part of the program about the moon that I’m calling bs, at least for now.

Remember earlier when I told you about the equal depth of the deepest craters? Well some of the Ancient Alien experts have come up with their own theory on this. These guys believe that the moon is actually a manufactured metal sphere covered with an artificial surface! Not only this but they believe there could be an entire race of beings living inside this sphere. Why? Because when the Apollo Lunar vehicle jettisoned the portion of the vehicle that propelled it from the surface from the moon for the trip home and when it landed back on the surface of the moon a ringing noise was recorded for three hours after by equipment left behind by the crew.

So these guys conclude that there could be a metal sphere under the surface of the moon, that this sphere is actually a powered craft of some kind. They believe it’s possible that the moon’s orbit in relation to earth is by design and not a natural occurrence in our universe. It is reported that we never see 41 percent of the moon’s surface because it never faces the earth. The experts believe it’s probable that there are exterior building structures on this portion of the moon. Finally they believe our government knows that there is life on or in the moon and that’s why we have never returned to the moon. This is a lot for me to digest. I’m not buying this whole Star Wars Death Star theory. I’ll need to see more evidence.

I’m a firm believer in the “We are not alone” theory. I am because there is simply too much evidence right here on earth from our past that just can’t be rationalized by scientists. I do believe in God and a greater power. But, couldn’t our same God be the creator of other civilizations? Would I be arrogant to believe that in the entire expanse of our own universe and all the others that humans are the only living creatures to ever be created? Are we the only species that look up in the sky at night and wonder, “What if?”

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