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Wear School Colors: VG vs. hunger Nov. 15

Hunger in the Villa Grove school and community is a real issue.

Villa Grove Schools offers a Snack Pack Program for students in K-12 grades that  runs soley on donations. This program provides students in need with a snack pack for the weekends.  There are currently about 90 snack packs that go home with the kids each week.

Students can show kindness to others and help tackle hunger in the Villa Grove Schools  by sporting Blue Devil colors on Friday, November 15. The Villa Grove PTO will donate $1 for every student and staff member who wears Blue and/or Gold on Friday, November 15. 

Local businesses, organizations and community members can join in the fight by wearing school colors on November 15 in support. Simply take a picture and post it to your favorite social media website with:


Donations are always welcome, if you would like to donate individually packaged is the best way to donate non-perishable items. If donating canned items, please buy cans that open with a pop-tab opening.

Some items that are accepted for donation: Mac-n-cheese cups, fruit cups, granola bars, chip bags, packets of tuna and/or chicken, fruit snacks, oatmeal packets, snack crackers, soup, breakfast/fruit bars, cups of noodles, ramen noodles, rice, mashed potatoes, dried fruits, Jello/Pudding cups, bags of pretzels/goldfish, Beef jerky/Slim Jims/Pepperoni, Dinty Moore meals, Ravioli, applesauce individual boxes of cereal, cheese & cracker packs, canned vegetables/fruit, Pop-tarts,  juice boxes.

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