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Villa Grove City Council approves municode purchase

The Villa Grove City council met on November 12, for a regular meeting.  All were in attendance save Darryl Griffith.

The council unanimously approved the consent agenda items, as well as the minutes of the last city council meeting and the minutes from the committee as a whole. 

Next, the council approved claims for payment in the amount of $328,699.21, the September financial statements and the October cash balance report.  

The fifth item on the agenda was the approval of renting a planer for street work in the amount of $1400, the approval of the purchase of an angle broom for the bobcat, and reimbursement in the amount of $8000 to Camargo Township Library. 

There were no public comments or an engineering report, so the meeting moved to the city administrator’s report, where Administrator Athey announced an estimated annual tax levy in the amount of $307,232.86.

The city then moved to new business

The first item was a discussion concerning ordinances surrounding municipal sponsorships and naming rights, as this could become relevant as we seek outside revenue sources to complete construction of the community building.

Next, a payment to Bud’s Auto Parts was unanimously approved, with alderman Allen recusing himself from the vote.

Next, the council discussed the purchase of a new combined website and municipal code host site, called municode.  It was determined that Administrator Athey would gather further information concerning cost before making a final decision about purchase.

The fourth item on the agenda was to approve hosting a Walldogs event in 2023.  Because of their immense popularity, the Walldogs are booked out four years, and it was important that we reserve a spot on their calendar.  The motion passed unanimously.

The fifth item on the agenda was to approve purchase of gloves, Nomex and gear for the fire department and this motion too passed unanimously.

The next item on the agenda was a motion to approve utility billing software training for the office staff, and it too passed unanimously.

Finally, the scheduling of a meeting on December 23 was discussed.

The Council then went to executive session to discuss personnel and property acquisition, with no further public business to be discussed, and the meeting came out of closed session and adjourned at approximately 8:45 pm

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