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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
These are troubling times for sure in America when only an event of death by assassination can bring Americans together in celebration.  Yes, the supposed most civilized people in the world celebrated the death of not just one man but two and…I was one of those Americans.  Oh we didn’t celebrate by running through the streets wearing party hats, blowing horns, and downing alcoholic beverages. Mostly we do this celebration in our own minds by justifying to ourselves the good that came from the death of these two men.  We enforce our “of course they should die” thoughts by feeding on what we hear and read from our favorite news outlets.  We also discuss the events with our friends and family members who will all comfort and support one another that the news of the deaths of these two men are a good thing.  And, miracles of miracles, for a day or two, every news media source agreed with one another in that ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was targeted and died.  Then just twenty-four hours later his second in command was targeted and killed via assassination. 

The Al-Baghdadi and Haji Imam deaths came at the hands of America’s own Delta Force A Squadron.  This operation is how you demonstrate to the rest of the world your military might.  Not by building a bigger tank, faster airplanes, or more powerful bombs either.  When your military can send a small, elite, and incredibly skilled group of men, women, and canines into the enemy’s own living room, undetected, eliminate their leaders, then safely and without injury or loss return to base, you have proved to every other country that you have born the most dangerous military threat in the world.  Cutting off the head of a snake renders the rest of the body useless; at least until another takes its place.  

I applauded President Obama when he gave a green light to a similar operation to capture and or kill Osama Bin Laden even though his Vice President, Joe Biden told him not too.  I applaud President Trump for green lighting this operation to kill Al-Baghdadi.  Especially at a time when Democrats are trying to convince all Americans that President Trump should be removed from office.  Had this mission failed and Americans died, it could have been devastating to President Trump’s national support.  Democrats would have been all over this.  The Democrat majority news media would have touted incompetent/inept reports in regard to President Trump and his administration for their “failure” to carry out the mission successfully. No matter what the cause of a failure it would have been President’s Trump screw up as to why.  I believe these same partisans reported on this incredible military success event for less than twenty-four hours. Even this short amount of air time was painful for them.  After all, this was a great day for the Trump administration.  Sadly, because the Democrat majority media group hates President Trump the men, women, and canines responsible at every level for the success of this military mission have not and will not be recognized for their brilliance and outstanding skills.  There is a stand-alone incredible story to be told from this military mission and it’s success that Americans; especially me, want to know.  Without jeopardizing national security and military training routines, we want to know the roles that military canines play in these types of missions. 

I was police canine handler for nine years, so this is of huge interest to me.  Never would I have thought dogs would accompany soldiers on such a stealth mission for fear of the noise they might make even if muzzled.  I was thrilled to learn German Shepherds played a part in this mission.  I do wonder about the back mounted camera on the dogs.  Don’t misunderstand, I think it’s a brilliant idea unless the intention is to record every detail of any mission with the dogs being considered an expendable asset.  I don’t think this is the case, but I also believe that at some point they could be sent forward with less consideration than normal for their well-being. I’m a bleeding heart when the asset is a German Shepherd dog because I’ve owned, trained, and lived with many over the last thirty years.  Sometimes I’ve had as many as three living at my house.  Not in my house but at my house.  As difficult as it may be for me, I certainly understand that if a high risk circumstance presents, a dog would move forward before any military personnel and of course that would be the proper call. 

So should Americans be pleased with the intentional killing of two other human beings by other Americans halfway across the globe?  Absolutely and without question nor hesitation!  These men were responsible for countless beheadings recorded for the world to watch.  These men are the same men that put people in cages and burned them alive for anyone to watch.  They poured acidic chemicals on people for opposing their religious beliefs.  They secured people in such manners to prevent them from escape so to drown them.  These are the most horrific manners in which to die.  Finally, these men were responsible for the countless numbers of women raped and some murdered after.  Forever lost by destruction are ancient artifacts and structures at the hands of these men. 

By scientific definition these are “men” are human beings, but not like you and me. They were not creatures of our God.  How men like these two could come to malfunction so badly is something someone much smarter than me needs to figure out.  If ever there were a way to early identify characters such as these, I would support their extermination that under our laws in American today would make me a murderer I guess.  Oh well, I think.  I’ve repeated to you the atrocities that we know they have committed.  Just think of what they have done that we never knew. So yes I celebrate their deaths in my mind without a hat, horn, or party.   

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