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EP Girls Basketball Wrap

By Kendra Hennis 
Congratulations to the East Prairie Hornets for their big win over the weekend as they hosted the JHOC Conference Tournament. 

Seventh Grade
The seventh grade girls started the tournament against Villa Grove, winning 38 to 9. Coach Beth Pugh said, “the team played really well. Our defensive pressure was too much for Villa Grove and we scored on their turnovers. Raeleigh Rusk had a really good game.” Raeleigh lead the team with ten points, Taylor Gordon followed closely behind with nine points, Lia Patterson had six points, Ava Boyer scored five points, and Adrina Simmons and Allison Pettry each had four points. 

The next game of the day was against Atwood-Hammond-Arthur-Lovington, where the Hornets won 25-18. Ava Boyer lead the girls with ten points, Raleigh Rusk had seven points, and Taylor Gordon and Lia Patterson each scored four points. Coach Pugh said, “this was a much tougher game for us, Ava Boyer had a really good game.”

The Championship game of the day was against Arcola. Coach Pugh said, “We came out really strong and confident, which I was happy to see. We handled their pressure well in the first half, but we didn’t stay as focused in the second half as I would have liked. However, the girls held it together as a team and won 24-16T. Lia Patterson and Taylor Gordon both had a good game.” Taylor Gordon lead the Hornets with ten points, Lia Patterson followed closely with nine points, Raeligh Rusk had four points, and Ava Boyer had one point. 

Eighth Grade 
The eighth grade lady hornets lead also started the tournament against Villa Grove, winning 40 to 16. Coach Pugh noted their win to “it was a great team effort with a lot of girls scoring.” Emily Czerwonka lead the hornets with nine points, Zoe Thomason and Sydney Moss each scored eight points, Marissa Boyer had eight points, Marissa Boyer scored seven points, Addyson Ring had four points, and Carlina Patterson and Catie Gibson each had two points. 

The second game of the day was played against Lutheran School Academy, where the girls won 28 to 13. Sydney Moss lead the hornets with thirteen points, Emily Czerwonka and Zoe Thomason each had four points, Addyson Ring followed with three points, and Marissa Boyer and Carlina Patterson each had two points. Coach Pugh said, “LSA has a really good guard that we needed to contain and I believe the girls did a good job with her. Zoey Thomason had a really good game controlling the offense.” 

The championship game of the day was played against Arcola, where the girls won 34 to 23. Coach Pugh said, “We came out strong and controlled the tempo of the game. We lost a little focus in the second half but we got it back together. Marissa Boyer and Sydney Moss had a good game.” Sydney Moss lead the hornets with thirteen points, Marissa Boyer had ten points, Zoey Thomason scored seven points, and Emily Czerwonka had four points.

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