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Gold and Silver Spoon Awards for Sept. 2019

By Aaron Patrick
Congratulations to the following food establishments which received the Gold Spoon Award for excellence in training of Certified Food Protection Managers and Food Handler Staff at the required levels at all times for the month of September 2019: 4 Way Stop, Douglas County Jail, Tri-City Country Club, Brookstone Estates, Monical’s Pizza-Villa Grove, Tuscola High School, & The Smith House.  

The Silver Spoon Award was awarded to establishments with food preparation for excellence in training of Food Handler staff, and those winners are: Sol Del Mar, Chinatown, & La Cascada.

A Gold Spoon Award is awarded to retail establishments with no food preparation which had no violations observed at the time of their annual inspection, and the recipient is: Schwan’s.

I would welcome conversation about this program and other topics concerning the food program. I can be reached at 217-253-4137 or by email through our website,

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