Hook, Line and Sinker

Photo Courtesy of Villa Grove High School
Villa Grove High School students and faculty are pictured with their $4,323.53 to Mills Breast Cancer Institute.

My hometown, like all small towns, has issues.  In our case, we fight an almost constant battle regarding public perception.  

We all know the most common themes, so I’m not going to bother listing them.  

The most troubling piece is when those who live here perpetuate them through social media whining. It’s one thing for someone who is not here all the time to form opinions, but it’s a totally different story when one of our own turns on us.  

That’s why I am always focused on sharing the wealth of positive stories that take place here.  There are always good things happening here in river city and the surrounding area and you can see them if you look.

One of the best, of course, is the “Fight like a Blue Devil” fund raiser for the Mills Breast Cancer Center.  Through the tireless efforts of Betsy Orwick, Villa Grove Schools and the community at large, somewhere in the neighborhood of $30000 has been raised over the past six years. Who knew that something like this could grow from a simple gesture of support for a teammate?  

I don’t know why I am always surprised by this number.  We always rally around our own, and this campaign was started to honor one of the best our city has ever produced. 

DeDe Allen Eversole was a classmate of mine who moved to VG when we were in second grade. Everyone who met her loved her as far as I know.  She was smart, she was beautiful and she was kind.   

She would also probably prefer that focus remain on the cause rather than on her.  

As it stands however, the fight like a blue devil fund raiser, started when Skylur Orwick, one of her son Spenser’s football teammates, wanted to show support upon hearing of her diagnosis, will serve as a lasting part of her legacy.  

Of course, her true legacy is manifested in the three children, Spenser, Breleigh, and Maris, she and her husband Jason raised.  It’s there in her children’s smile.  It’s evidenced in their intelligence and drive. And its apparent when the fight like a blue devil campaign continues to grow.  To my way of thinking, that’s a legacy we can all aspire to.  It’s a legacy that I will continue to do my best to honor and keep alive. 

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