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Dial-A-Ride Zipline times

The Dial-A-Ride Public Transportation Program is changing its hours for the Douglas County Zipline. Effective Tuesday, Oct. 1. 

The service will now be offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The last time to board the bus to get dropped off at any location along the route will be from noon to 1 p.m. 

The Zipline goes to designated stops in Tuscola and does not require a reservation and is only $1 per each time the bus is boarded. 

Due to low unitization of the Zipline service, the Dial-A-Ride Program has decided to change the hours of the Zipline in order to accommodate those needing to use the door to door service early in the morning and late afternoon. 

Please call Dial-A-Ride dispatch at 1-800-500-5505 for questions about services or to schedule a ride. 

  The Zipline schedule is as follows:


(Minutes after the Hour)

:00 Parkview Mobile Home Court

:03 200 Van Voorhis (Southgate Manor Office)

:07 Carle Clinic

:09 IGA

:14 Tanger Outlet Mall (East side of playground)

:18 Sarah Bush Clinic

:23 Douglas County Public Health (West 

parking  lot)

:28 Apgar Avenue (in front Shopko)

:32 Okaw Mobile Home Community (by mail boxes on East Barker St)

:38 Jarman Center  (East side of parking lot)

:42 Festival Corner (City Park on N. Main

Southwest corner)

:46 Douglas County Courthouse

:49 RISE Behavioral Health and Wellness 

(Douglas County Mental Health)

:53 Sav Mor Pharmacy

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