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Camargo Woolly Worm festival scheduled for Oct. 5

  The Camargo Woolly Worm Festival began several years ago.  There were dedicated “Camargoians” who started and kept this family friendly festival going.  After some years went by the work was overwhelming and interest fell short.  After the current Village President (Bart Dann) was elected into office, he promised to bring the festival back.  A small committee was formed and to work we went.  After reconvening, this will be the second year for the fall festival.

  The Woolly Worm Festival, set to take place Friday October 4 and Saturday October 5, has a full day of family fun, and most of it is free!  This year we are adding Friday night into the agenda. Friday, October 4, we will start with vendors being open for shopping, the Little Mr. and Miss Woolly Worm Pageant, a beer tent and band (Me N Him).  Everything happening on Friday night will be held at our main staging area, and we have a brand-new stage to showcase.  Thank you to Doug Raymer, Kyle Raymer, and Rick Kielhorn, they have built a beautiful new stage that will be utilized in many ways throughout the coming years.

  Bright and early Saturday morning, October 5, we will begin with the Caitlin’s Challenge 5K race and breakfast at the Community Building being prepared by the Camargo United Methodist Church.  Then we are off to the races!  Literally…the Woolly Worm Races!  If you have never witnessed woolly worms racing, this is something to behold!  Anyone at any age can enter, but please bring your own worm.  We have the grand opening and registration in the main staging area, Kiddie Tractor Pulls, Adult Tractor Pulls, kids games, and more.

  New this year we have inflatable bumper cars by Kaz Entertainment.  Kaz is also bringing the inflatables for children…however, the bumper cars are kids at heart too!  Adults and children will both enjoy the fun this company provides!  Also new this year is Family Feud which is being hosted by John Davis of State Farm Insurance, Tuscola.  We will see the Cheerleaders vs. the Football players, and Victory Church vs. Camargo United Methodist Church.  Then there will be a championship to see who the victors are!  It is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and to tickle your funny bone!

  Following the “Feud” will be a talent show.  There is no entry fee for show participants, and there are no parameters in which your talent can be showcased.  All we ask is that you keep your talents family friendly.  We can’t wait to see all the performers in our community!  And if being on stage isn’t your thing, I’m certain we have something for everyone.  There will also be a bake off and a smoke off.  All entry forms and guidelines can be found on our Facebook page.

  Not to be outdone this year is a new fundraiser: Adopt a Scarecrow.  For a nominal fee you get to adopt your scarecrow.  The Village will provide you with the “skeleton” of the scarecrow and you must assemble, decorate, and design your own scarecrow.  All completed scarecrows will be scattered throughout Opal Thompson Park during the festival.  We are all excited to see the different designs that people come up with.

  Wrapping up the weekend, we have our 3rd Annual Glow Cart Parade.  You do NOT need a Camargo permit to join our parade, and this is another free event.  Just bring your decorated golf cart, ATV, or UTV to Thompson’s Grocery and get in line.  We wind through town and finish up back at the park, just in time for Garrett and the Geezers.  This affair is enjoyed by participants and bystanders!

  As you can see, we have a jam-packed weekend full of family fun and entertainment.  Seating is limited, so you may want to bring a lawn chair and stay awhile.  We would love to see the park full of our friends and neighbors.  So, come on out and your guaranteed to have a good time!

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