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Hook, Line, and Sinker

By Tony Hooker
Motivation and accountability are easy to find. In a dictionary.

Unfortunately, in real life, they’re often in short supply. And real life is where they’re needed the most.

Take my ongoing struggles with my fitness for example. Although it’s completely unfair that I can fastidiously monitor my diet and exercise for months and lose a whopping 2 pounds, only have one cheat meal and gain five back, facts are facts, and I need to find the motivation to keep exercising and eating right. The problem is that I struggle with finding someone to be accountable to. I know (or at least I hope) that my family wants to keep me around for a while longer, and that bad habits can certainly shorten that expectancy, but that somehow isn’t enough for me to check up the bad habits. Since I’m a solo walker in the morning, it’s really easy to roll over and hit the snooze button, especially as the days get shorter and the mornings get darker.  

I once asked Mrs. HLS if she wanted to go with me on my morning stroll, and she shot me a look that said perhaps the half hour of blessed silence my absence affords her is the only reason she hasn’t hastened my shuffle off this mortal coil. You see, I’m a morning person, and I might be known to ramble on about minutia, just a bit, and her, not so much. After approximately 10,600 mornings together, I guess I can kind of see her point, even though my thoughts are thoroughly fascinating, to me anyway. Because of our crazy schedules, we seldom eat before 8 p.m., and I can only think that there are better ways to lose the tonnage than strapping on the feedbag immediately before sacking out for the night.  

I’ve heard of this thing called intermediate fasting, but any time I try that sort of stuff, my belly, once euphemistically referred to as the “beach ball of love”, starts making noises like an old Peterbilt. There’s rumbling and grinding and a faint growl that scares any little children in the vicinity. I wish I could blame old age, but to paraphrase that famous 20th century philosopher, Josie Wales, it’s more likely old habits.  

Speaking of habits, I read on the internet (so it must be true, right?) that it takes about two months of repeating something before it becomes a habit, so maybe that’s the issue? I can never seem to get up and go for more than two straight weeks. At the longest, my get up and go has gotten up and went after a month. Again, I need to find that motivation and accountability to push through.  

I think that’s why groups like the Chix in Training and the ladies who meet at the church to work out create so many success stories. Those programs have motivation and accountability built right in. Well, that and the fact that they’re led by charismatic balls of ceaseless energy. 

Maybe that’s the key? Maybe I need to find someone to work out with? Goodness knows I’m not a charismatic ball of energy, but I can talk. A lot. So if you’re used to being up before dawn, and you’re wanting to work out, get ahold of me. Good listening, morning people only need apply.

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