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Holding It All Together: Autumn, Come

By Amy McCollom
We have finally gotten to September. Thus begins my favorite time of the year. Autumn is such a nicer word than Fall. It instantly brings to my mind a bright path through a forest of gold and orange and red leaves, with the sun peaking through in spots overhead just enough to warm your face once in a while.

I love wearing flannel; it is comfort food for the skin. Large colorful scarves, wrapped around me like a giant Monarch butterfly giving me a hug. Autumn gives you cool days; jacket weather, good days for Homecoming parades, marching bands, beauty queens in sequined dresses riding in convertibles. Nothing beats eating free parade Tootsie Rolls while watching your school’s marching band perform the school song and march down the street.

I remember when I was in band, and our band director handed out the plumes for our hats. Perfect white fluffy ostrich feathers that fit perfectly in a notch on our marching hats. We wore black pants, and the jacket, which was gold polyester with fancy gold embroidery swirled on it. Our hats were white and gold with a shiny black bill. We looked so sharp! Oh, how my heart beat against the walls of my chest as I stood there on my mark, waiting for the whistle to blow, ready to take the field. My first football game performance, I was a mere 15. And I played percussion (the crash cymbals, to be exact.) And those things were HEAVY for a pipsqueak like me with such weenie-arms. But I did it!

I remember chilly nights after the football games, walking home with friends, or going to backyard weenie roasts. There was always that excitement in the air! Like something magical was about to happen and you didn’t want to miss it. It still feels like that for me. I don’t go to as many football games now, but when I do, I still get chills up my spine when the crowd cheers, or I hear the announcer lead the calls, or the band plays the school song. Man, I miss those days.

But every year that passes, layer upon layer of new memories fall on top of each other, not unlike the very leaves that shed from the trees each season. Now moments with new people in new circumstances makes life, and Autumn, all the richer. Being able to share my love for Autumn with my children and grandchildren is much more satisfying than enjoying it by myself.

So I say to this new season, come. I will relish in the good you bring; I will treasure the memories and share the golden parts with others. Autumn, you make me smile from the inside out. So, come.

Autumn, come,

Change the color of the canopy

Drop the leaves, if that must be

Lay to sleep the bumble bee

But come, Autumn, come.

Autumn, come,

From tree to tree and hill to hill,

Bring a little bit of chill,

I know that time cannot stand still,

So come, Autumn, come.

Autumn, come.

Come whirl your leaves with spicy flare,

Spin strands of silver in my hair,

Oh, glorious glimpse from Over There,

Oh come, Autumn, come.

Autumn, come.

Oh, beauty that will never end,

Come to my family, like a friend,

When with crimson leaves I finally blend,

Come, Autumn, come.

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