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Tuscola stylist makes connections at home

By Kayleigh Rahn
Tuscola native Dani Carter has had a lifelong love for art. 

However, as a professional, she doesn’t use a traditional canvas or work with her preferred ceramics. Today, her medium for art is styling hair.

Dani is the newest hairstylist at Studio 36 Hair Salon, 304 E. Southline Rd., Tuscola.

Following graduation from Tuscola Community High School in 2012, Dani enrolled at Parkland College to earn her art degree; however, her heart was pulled in a different direction. She found herself attending cosmetology school at Lake Land College to follow her mother’s, Ann Carter, career path

“I knew I wanted to do hair in the end,” she said. “My mom did hair, so I grew up with that influence, and I was always interested in that. I’ve always liked art, and this is a form of art for me.” 

In 2017, she was hired at a salon in Champaign and during that time she returned to Parkland to earn her associate’s degree in art; however, she was ready for a change to be closer to home. 

“I’ve known Suzie (Ogden, owner and stylist) and Brittany (MacGibbon, stylist) for a long time, because I used to get my hair done here before I went to school,” she said. “I feel it’s a great fit, and it’s exciting. I’m excited to get to do friends and family hair and have more availability. I’m anxious to be a part of the community again.”

Dani says she specializes in a foil technique similar to balayage. 

“I really like doing the vivid fashion colors, and I feel that is a different service than those offered in the area,” she said, noting that she also does extensions, and of course traditional cuts, as well. 

The surroundings at the salon are familiar as her mother worked as a stylist in the same building.

“I feel like I get to be really creative, and it feels great to make people happy,” she said. “Every head of hair is different, so you could do the same thing, but it’s going to have a different theory so it keeps it interesting.”

Follow Dani’s work on Instagram @hairby.daninicole.

To schedule an appointment, contact the studio at 253-3837.

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