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By Craig Hastings
I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing right before my eyes in real time! I had made my plans a week early not to miss the Mueller hearings before the House first and the Senate right after. This was the most unbelievable Q and A event I think I have ever seen. 

I’ve been in law enforcement for nearly 40 years. I’ve listened to all the Robert Mueller hype and promotion for two years so I was ready to witness a well-seasoned prosecutor defend his team’s findings into the Russian interference into our 2016 Presidential election and just how, if at all, President Trump and his team played a role. Robert Mueller has had nothing but praise and compliment as to his character and ability to get an investigation done right and how he was the absolute best candidate for the appointment of Special Prosecutor into the alleged Russian election interference.

Democrats and Republicans alike by a majority on both sides of the isle supported Robert Mueller’s appointment. I believed from early interviews of some Republican House and Senate members that they were a bit nervous with Mueller at the helm of the investigation. If he is as competent and thorough as his past performances suggested; President Trump might have been in trouble, I believed was their fear. President Trump was steadfast with his pushback on all disbelievers as to his innocence. “Let the witch hunt begin because I have not in any manner colluded with any Russians,” Trump proclaimed. So began a little over two years of the flavoring of a $30 million nothing burger.

Sixteen attorneys were hired by the Mueller team to assist in the investigation.

Immediately red flags began to fly as we learned that all 16 were either Hillary Clinton supporters, cash donors, or both. Leading the scourge was famously shadowy attorney Andrew Weissmann. The same Andrew Weissmann that was in attendance at the Hillary Clinton presidential victory party…oops! Not a single Republican was recruited by Mueller to assist in an investigation that was started to investigate and report on Russian interference into the 2016 Presidential election.

It was clear early on that this was a $30 million Democratic Party investment; not a $30 million investigation. As the damning emails and sexting messages between the FBI’s lead agent Peter Strzok and his lover FBI lawyer Lisa Page began to surface it was clear to the American people that this was a political hit attempt on Donald Trump. Not only Donald Trump but also as many as his family members as these dirty cops could take down with him.

Democrats drooled and salivated anxiously as they waited for the infamous Mueller report to be released. For the next two years we heard from these inept circus clowns spewing their lies and claims of evidence on 95 percent of the private and public news media pathways. MSNBC, CBS, NBS, ABC, CNN, The New Yorker, New York Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, and hundreds more were lined up to interview as many of these far left liberal Democrats as they could to further attempt to sway the American people into believing the Republican Party now lead by Donald Trump were indeed enemies of the state. The President Trump loyal voter base held their ground and refused to believe and continued to defend the duly elected Commander-in-chief. Their efforts were rewarded with the release of the Mueller report weeks ago.

However, even after the initial beat down by the contents of the published Mueller report, House Judiciary Chair, Jerry Nadler (democrat) and House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff (democrat) then demanded an in person appearance of Robert Mueller before their committee to explain what he must have really meant in his published report. They were confident they would be able to walk Mueller through an admittance statement that he, Mueller, believed President Trump was guilty of interfering in the investigation. Criminal obstruction by our President; an impeachable act in most Democrats’ opinions. What happened next was embarrassingly sad to me.

When I heard Robert Mueller’s answers to the first few questions by Congressional members of the House I was aghast. This was the man touted to be one of America’s best of the best investigators/prosecutors?! Not only was he fumbling with the words to his answers it was apparent he either didn’t know or didn’t remember what was written in his own authored report! After fielding a few line drives by House Republicans, I honestly began to feel sorry for Mr. Mueller.

Everything was bouncing out of his glove. At first I thought he was stalling, nope. He wasn’t putting on an act to stall to time out those questioning him. He really didn’t know much of what was going on around him nor could he hear much of what was being asked of him! The real question I have is, when did this happen to him? Was Mr. Mueller not capable from the beginning, sometime during the two years, or finally at the end of the investigation did he lose track of what he was assigned to do? Was he used as “The Face” of the investigation because the other 16 attorneys didn’t have reputations or credentials enough to prop up their professional credentials to conduct an investigation of this magnitude? What happened here!? Robert Mueller was humiliated and embarrassed for all the world to see. His reputation forever tarnished by Democrats in the highest posts of our government solely to get the goods on President Trump and his family. What disgusts me the most is that I don’t believe Mr. Mueller even knows what just happened to him! The Mueller family deserves some payback from a few loud mouth Democrats.

If after witnessing this act by the carnival of idiots you don’t think this country is in trouble then you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past two years. These are serious times right now. AOC plus 3, The Squad, Gang of Eight, Sparticus, etc. just what in the h–l is all of the playground nicknames about?!!! Most of these members are adults! And old adults at that! Washington, D.C. is fully undressed for all Americans to see and finally! It really doesn’t matter to me whether you like Donald Trump or not. But, had he not been elected none of this fraud, criminal acts of corruption, coverups, and the list goes on would have come to light. I really believed Barack Obama would have exposed some or most of the Washington, D.C., corruption but, even he found it much easier and more profitable to just go along with whatever he was told to do. He was never in charge just as Bush II was not either. Bush II was coaxed into a war that has ever since thrown the Middle East region into murderous chaos. Another story for another day.

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