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Holding It All Together: Journeys

By Amy McCollom
It really hit me when I turned the corner, and saw him standing there in his suit and tie. All the planning, prepping, dress choosing, travelling, and everything else that had led up to this point couldn’t compare to the emotions I felt right then; seeing my middle son standing at the altar in a church, dressed for rehearsal for his wedding the next day. I wasn’t ready for my heart to drop to my feet. I choked up and had to excuse myself for a moment to compose my faculties.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was holding his hand, waiting in line at Pages For All Ages, to see Clifford the Big Red Dog. I know it was last week or so. And just a month ago, I swear, he got his first pair of glasses, learned to ride a bike, and picked me dandelions from the backyard.

But that was my journey as his mama, and it is finished, except for occasional consulting. My son’s journey with his new beautiful bride has just begun. It will be exciting, sometimes boring, occasionally scary, but hopefully wonderfully satisfying.

I pray they receive many, many blessings along their journey together.

My mom started a different journey this year as well. A journey into the gray misty fog of the unknown. After my dad passed away in February, she found herself alone for the first time in 56 years. With her health failing too, and no one to care for her at home, she had to move into an assisted living residence.

Now she complains that she sleeps in a new place, eats food that others choose for her, lives with strangers, and is limited in her abilities to come and go as she pleases based on the abilities of her extended families schedules and other time commitments.

She could look at it as an easy journey, where she doesn’t have to dust or vacuum anymore, someone else cooks her food and cleans up her dishes, she gets to meet new people, interact in activities that she didn’t know about before, and gets to go on field trips with new friends. Your journey looks different from each side. Choose to view the more beautiful side.

Her life journey changed over night. Most of them do. Babies are born, people get married, people move on, people die every day. Every single day someone’s life journey is changing.

Yesterday we found out a dear friend of ours lost his battle with colon cancer. (Please, get your colonoscopy screenings as soon as your doctor recommends. They save lives.) He leaves behind a strong wife and two sons who will continue their journeys through life without him. We are thankful that our friend found peace in the arms of God at the end of his journey here on earth, and that his journey in Heaven will never end.

Whatever journey you may be on now, keep in mind that this world was created to be in constant change. You will be on several journeys in your lifetime. Starting over is ok; when you are green, you are growing. Find the good in all of your journeys. Most of all, make Heaven your final destination.

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