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Around the Halls

By Caleigh Parsley

Tuscola FFA Officers Morgan Jones, Hannah Lemay, Caleigh Parsley, and Coulson Poffenberger were in Washington, D.C., June 23-30 for Washington Leadership Conference (WLC)! 

They arrived at St. Louis airport on Sunday afternoon, enjoying time with more than 70 Illinois FFA members attending this trip. The next day, they went to Ford’s Theatre, the Petersen House, and the Smithsonian: American History and African American museums. 

Monday night, they had dinner and a riverboat dance cruise on the Potomac River. Tuesday consisted of going to the White House and visiting the National Smithsonian Zoo before heading to the conference with members from across the nation. During the conference, members met so many new people, while in sessions learning about their passions, finding their purpose, advocating for that purpose, and creating a “LTS” (Living to Serve) plan. 

FFA members also reflected on themselves and on history as they toured our nation’s great capitol. WLC traveled by walking and/or the metro to Arlington National Cemetery, a night tour of different monuments and memorials, and the Holocaust Museum. 

For each of these four individuals, the week spent at WLC was an eye-opening week they will never forget. 

Mrs. Rominger took several members: Meadow Picazo, Hannah Hornaday, Paige Goad, Miranda Tschopp, Ashton Smith, JD Barrett, Caroline Rominger, and Lucas Burnett of the 2018-2019 Scholastic Bowl Team to the St. Louis Science Center on July 24. They watched a movie about volcanoes, visited the Pompeii exhibit, learned about the moon in the planetarium and experienced flight simulators. To end a great day, they stopped at the Cahokia Mounds on the way home.

Bryant Price had a blast at Camp New Hope!! 

At the awards ceremony, he won the Camp’s Basketball Award. Thank you to the entire staff at Camp New Hope.

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