Phone scammers contact Tuscola senior residents

TUSCOLA–Police Chief Craig Hastings says telephone scammers have reached out to the area’s senior community in recent weeks. 

Scammers have called residents acting as their grandchildren in need of money, he reports. 

“Most recently the scammers called saying they were grandchildren who had been in a car accident and needed, first, cash for medical expenses then bail money after being arrested in relation to the fictional vehicle accident,” Hastings said. 

The scammers requested large sums of cash be sent in a peculiar manner to empty residences, he added.

“We learned the addresses were empty houses on the market for sale,” Hastings said. 

Police ask that residents be aware of the scam. The convincing callers are able to pose as relatives by “filling in the blanks” as the resident responds to questions. 

“Before you send cash to any friend or family member on their request, please, call your local police department,” Hastings asked. “We will be able to verify the caller and the request for funds.”

Hastings says a sign of a scam call is to call back the incoming number. If no one picks up, it is likely that it was a scam caller.

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