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Hands-4-Paws utilizes Pay it Paw-ward fund


A cat dragging a large metal hunting trap caught on his front leg was found in by a Good Samaritan.

The trap had been on his leg for some time and was crushing and slowly killing the cat’s leg. The cat was clearly in severe pain and was taken to local veterinarian Dr. Kyla Kuhns for care. The Good Samaritan who found the injured cat named him Baby. The hunting trap had so badly damaged his front leg, that the veterinarian was forced to remove it. He recovered from his surgery and has continued to receive care. He has had antibiotics and pain medications, as well as his daily boarding care at Okaw Veterinary Clinic.

Baby has no owner and therefore, no one to pay his bills. Hands-4-Paws has stepped up and paid a portion of his care. This is the first use of the Pay it Paw-ward Fund. This fund has been set up to help pets who are in need of veterinary care. The fund will be used to help owners who are in financial need and have an unexpected veterinary expense. An owner must fill out an application to apply for this fund. Hands-4-Paws will review the request and contact the owner. If approved, Hands-4-Paws will work with the owner and veterinarian to see your pet gets care. Anyone interested in applying for this fund can visit:

Hands-4-Paws is taking donations for this fund. Anyone wanting to make a donation to this fund can write a check or donate online. Make checks payable to Hands-4-Paws and write in the memo that it is for the Pay it Paw-ward Fund. Mail checks to Hands-4-Paws, P.O Box 204, Tuscola, IL 61953. Visit to make your donation online. Make a note that your donation is for the Pay it Paw-ward Fund.

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