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Changes to the Douglas County Zipline after July 2

The Douglas County Zipline is a new route offered through Dial-A-Ride public transportation. The route was implemented May 1. The Zipline runs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The last time to board the bus is between the 2 to 3 p.m. hour as the Zipline ends at 4 p.m. and does not make another loop from 4 to 5. Reservations are not required for the Zipline. A rider can simply board the bus at a stop of their choosing, pay the $1 fare, and get off at a different stop. After two months of operation, the route has been redeveloped and the changes will become effective July 2. 

The biggest change in the route is that Arcola Rider Place apartments will no longer be a stop on the Zipline. However, by eliminating the Arcola stop location, 3 additional stops were added in the City of Tuscola. After observing survey results and stop utilization, the Dial-A-Ride program has decided to make the following changed to the route. Please note that the times listed below are the minutes after the hour that the bus will depart from each stop. If you have any questions, our friendly dispatchers are just a call away at 1-800-500-5505 or visit Dial-A-Ride’s website at


Adjusted Schedule

(Minutes After The Hour)

:00 Parkview Mobile Home Court

:03 200 Van Voorhis (Southgate Manor Office)

:07 Carle Clinic

:09 IGA

:14 Tanger Outlet Mall (East side of playground)

:18 Sarah Bush Clinic

:23 Douglas County Public Health (West parking lot)

:28 Apgar Avenue (in front Shopko)

:32 Okaw Mobile Home Community (by mail boxes on East Barker St)

:38 Jarman Center  (East side of parking lot)

:42 Festival Corner (City Park on N. Main- Southwest corner)

:46 Douglas County Courthouse

:49 RISE Behavioral Health and Wellness (Douglas County Mental Health)

:53 Sav Mor Pharmacy

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