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Real Life Wellness: Why can’t you lose weight?

By Bill Hemmer
I bet I get asked this question 50 times a week! And the answer is different all 50 times. But generally, the answers can be put into three main categories. The first category is what you eat. The second category is what you do. The last category is what you have to work with.

I have written many articles about what you eat making a difference in your ability to lose weight. If you eat right for your body type, metabolism type and emotional eating style your chances of losing weight dramatically increase. But if you’re like most people you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about. You are born a specific body type. There are three basic body types and each one of them digests and uses food differently. Your metabolism type is based on the foods you can digest and use as energy quickly. You are either a strong protein or carbohydrate metabolizer. Finally, your emotional eating style is based on your strongest stress gland’s response. Different people crave different foods when they get stressed.

What you do refers to fitness. Are you doing any kind of physical activity? Do you workout? Have you found some physical activity that is fun for you? Do you make this fitness routine a priority in your life, so you always get it done? The answer to these questions for most people is no. Most people I know run from one event to another and have a hard time controlling the events of their day. Putting a fitness program into that mix would just add more stress to an already bad situation.

So, if you’re not eating right and exercising you won’t lose weight. It’s as simple as that. But what if you are eating right and exercising everyday? Why aren’t you losing weight then? This is the category I call dealing with what you have to work with. What I mean is understanding your hormones, your digestive health and the aging process itself.

I am going to be spending the next couple of weeks on these topics because I have been heavily researching this area for many people. What I have discovered might surprise you. In general, I can tell you to keep your toxic load down and keep your hormones up and your chances of losing weight and aging well are very good. But these things take work and patience.

So, I will begin next week to talk about your toxic load and your digestive health. So, bring next week’s article to your throne to see if it will help! Talk to you then.


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