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Students receive $112,055 in scholarships on Honors Day

Tuscola Community High School students received $112,055 in the form of 135 scholarships during the Class of 2019 Honors Day ceremony Friday, May 17.

The awards, scholarships, and certificates distributed included:

Music Boosters Camp Scholarships: Sabrina Alcorn ($300) and Meadow Picazo; TEA Scholarships: Grace Dietrich ($600), Caroline Rominger ($100), Ashton Smith ($100), McKinlee Miller ($100), Sara Kremitzki ($100), Emmalee Phillips ($100), Sabrina Alcorn ($100), Natalie Bates ($100); Broc Winn Memorial Scholarship: Will Little ($1,000); Be Brave Scholarships: J.D. Barrett ($750), Lexie Russo ($250); Tuscola Woman’s Club Scholarships: Vocal Camp Music Theatre-Meadow Picazo ($505), Art Camp-Lainey Banta ($500), Instrumental Band Camp-Heather Hudson ($500), Fine Arts Scholarship-Sabrina Alcorn ($1,000); Illinois State Juniorette of the Year: Sabrina Alcorn; Miss Tuscola Scholarship-Faith Hardwick ($1,000); Marci Lietz Memorial Scholarship-Sara Kremitzki ($500); Fidellis Crusader Scholarship-Grace Dietrich ($500); David Dietrich Senior Athlete Awards-Will Little and Ashton Smith; David Dietrich Memorial Scholarship: Brayden VonLanken ($750) and Natalie Bates ($750); First Federal Bank of Tuscola: Will Little ($750);

Tuscola Community Foundation Scholarships: Faith Hardwick ($500), Emily Kemp ($500); TCF-Cletcher-Wessale Scholarships: McKinlee Miller ($1,000), Emily Kemp ($1,000); TCF-Ray Wulliman Scholarship: Emmalee Phillips ($500); TCF Tommy K. Martin Memorial Scholarships: Michael Badgett ($500), Anna Spillman ($500); TCF-Dr. Dana Mattix Scholarships: Sara Kremitzki ($1,000), Faith Hardwick ($1,000); TCF Tuscola Educational Foundation Fund: Will Little ($1,000); TCF-Harriett Jane Bell Memorial Scholarship: Lucas Burnett ($1,000); TCF-Harley and Doris Helm Memorial Scholarship: Natalie Bates ($1,000); TCF-Doug McCumber Family Scholarship: Grace Dietrich ($1,000); TUMC-Doug McCumber Family Scholarship: Jacqueline Watson ($1,000); TUMC-Albert and Virginia Lee Memorial Scholarships: Sidney Watson ($300), Jacqueline Watson ($300), Emily Kemp ($300), Noah Woods ($300);

Cabot Science Scholarship: Michael Ludwig ($500); Tuscola PowWows Scholarships: Will Little ($500), Natalie Bates ($500); FFA Alumni Scholarships: Bradly Mast ($600), Cameron Ochs ($600), McKinlee Miller ($600); First Mid-Illinois Bank Scholarship: Paul Nau ($500); Tuscola Health Care Center Scholarship: McKinlee Miller ($300); All-Pro Scholarship: Zach DeVore ($300), Noah Woods ($300); Rotary Students of the Months: Natalie Bates (September), Grace Dietrich (October), Will Little (November), Caroline Rominger (December), Jacqueline Watson (January), Robert Turner Hastings (February), Ashton Smith (March), McKinlee Miller (April), Sidney Watson (May); Rotary Scholarships: Sara Kremitzki ($500 per year over four years), Sabrina Alcorn ($500 per year over four years); Tuscola National Bank Scholarship: J.D. Barrett ($500);

Lions Club Awards: Turner Hastings (Math), McKinlee Miller (Science), J.D. Barrett (Foreign Language); Victory Church of Camargo: Josh Haste ($1,000); T.K. Martin Military Grants: Dalton Grover ($500), Katharine Wells ($500), Bailey Good ($500), Jordan Middleton ($500), Cade Morgan ($500); T.K. Martin Education Scholarship: Anna Spillman ($500); Tuscola Alumni Association Scholarships: Faith Hardwick ($500), Natalie Bates ($500), McKinlee Miller ($500); Family of Ricardo and Mercedes Izquierdo Alumni Scholarship: Emily Kemp ($1,000); ECCA Awards: Payton Hastings, Noah Woods; Peg Blanchard Memorial Scholarship: Emily Kemp ($300); Josh Haste ($150); George Barnett Nursing Scholarship: Caroline Rominger ($500); Rutan Family Memorial Scholarship: Grace Dietrich ($500); Tuscola Women of the Moose Chapter 1011 Scholarship: Abigail Heath ($500), Cameron Ochs ($500); Wheels Car Club Scholarships: Noah Woods ($500);

Georgine McDonald Scholarships ($9,000 total awarded amongst graduates): Sara Kremitzki, J.D. Barrett, Halie Pfeiffer, McKinlee Miller, Emily Kemp, Nathaniel Pollock, Faith Hardwick, Will Little, Cameron Ochs, Jacqueline Watson, Caroline Rominger, Alexandra Russo, Natalie Bates, Sabrina Alcorn, Abigail Heath; Lenore Cletcher-Wessale Trust Scholarships ($30,000 total awarded amongst the graduates): Sara Kremitzki, McKinlee Miller, Emily Kemp, Nathaniel Pollock, Faith Hardwick, Cameron Ochs, Caroline Rominger, Natalie Bates, Abigail Heath; Mediacom World Class Scholarship: Ashton Smith ($1,000); Birkeys Forging the Future Scholarship: Bradly Mast ($4,000 tuition assistance; $6,000 tools, paid internship, uniforms); Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship: McKinlee Miller ($2,000); Douglas County CEO Award: Sara Kremitzki; Little Illini Toby J. Jump Memorial Scholarship: Will Little ($500); Douglas County Republican Women: Halie Pfeiffer ($500); Douglas County Bar Association: J.D. Barrett ($500); Masonic Lodge Scholarship: Halie Pfeiffer ($1,000); Illinois State Scholars: Natalie Bates, Lucas Burnett, Grace Dietrich, Robert Turner Hastings, Emily Kemp, Cade Kresin, McKinlee Miller, Paul Nau, Cameron Ochs, Caroline Rominger, Dylan Scott, Lucas Sluder, Ashton Smith, Jacqueline Watson, Sidney Watson; William Shiu Memorial Scholarship: Nathaniel Pollock ($500); Faith Hardwick ($500); Pheasants Forever Scholarship: Cameron Ochs ($500);

Harriett Jane Bell Memorial Scholarship: Will Little ($500); Robert Travis Memorial Scholarships: Grace Dietrich ($250); Brayden VonLanken ($250), Cade Kresin ($250), Abigail Heath ($250), Will Little ($250), Cameron Ochs ($250); DAR/SAR Good Citizens Award: DAR-J.D. Barrett, SAR-Ashton Smith; American Legion Post #27 School Awards: Turner Hastings, Anna Spillman; American Legion Post #27-Wayne Meyer Memorial Scholarship: Anna Spillman ($750); American Legion Post #27 Illinois Boys State: Brody Good; American Legion Auxilliary Post #27 Girls State: Emma Zimmer; Kiwanis Scholarships: Sabrina Alcorn ($1,000), Gabrielle Ainsworth ($1,000), Halie Pfeiffer ($1,000), Sara Kremitzki ($1,000); National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: Haden Cothron ($500), Cameron Ochs ($500); NHS National Scholarship: Emily Kemp ($3,200); Forty Martyrs Bill and Irma West Scholarships: Turner Hastings ($250), Michael Ludwig ($250), Nathaniel Pollock ($250), Anna Spillman ($250); FCCLA Scholarships: Lexie Russo ($200), Sara Kremitzki ($200); William Butkovich Scholarship: J.D. Barrett ($200); Outstanding Student Council Member Scholarship: Sabrina Alcorn ($300); TCHS Class of 1996: Gabrielle Ainsworth ($500); The Fitness Center of Tuscola: Noah Woods ($300), Haden Cothron ($300), Karen Donnals ($300); Senior Perfect Attendance Scholarships: Emily Kemp ($100), Ashton Smith ($100);

Senior Department Awards: Ashton Smith (Art), Lucas Burnett (Business), Sabrina Alcorn (Computers), Paul Nau (Computers), J.D. Barrett (English), Gage Russell (FCS/Ag), Jacqueline Watson (History), Ashton Smith (Math), Sidney Watson (Science), Sidney Watson (Foreign Language); Douglas County Election Judge and Technician Certificates: Natalie Bates, Grace Dietrich, Emily Kemp, Sidney Watson.

Awards announced previously in the school year include:

Central Illinois Conference Student Athlete Awards: Natalie Bates ($100), Cade Kresin ($100); Illinois Principal’s Student Recognition: Emily Kemp, Nate Pollock; Choral Awards: National Choral Award-J.D. Barrett, Outstanding Honors Choir-Abbey Jacob and Dustin Hale, Outstanding Concert Choir-Hannah Dellorso, Daisy Mast, Caleb Haste; Outstanding Band Awards: Outstanding Freshman-Caleb Haste, Outstanding Sophomore-Justine Kauffman, Outstanding Junior-Braden Boyer, John Phillip Sousa Award (Outstanding Senior)-Ashton Smith.

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