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Sheriff’s office shares results of directed patrol

On Saturday, April 13 the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office conducted a directed patrol on Interstate 57, to increase enforcement of violations of Scott’s Law, Distracted Driving, and Speeding, according to a press release from Sheriff Joshua Blackwell.

The results of this four-hour detail are as follows:


  • Scotts’ law violations – 3
  • Speeding – 11
  • Speeding 35 mph or more over the speed limit (109 mph in a 70 mph zone) – 1
  • Driving with a suspended license–1
  • No insurance–1
  • Failure to notify SOS change of address–1


  • Speeding–2
  • Improper land usage–4
  • Equipment violations–4
  • Failure to signal–1
  • Expired registration–1

“The purpose of the directed patrol as to create awareness of all traffic laws and to increase the safety of the citizens of Douglas County,” the release says.

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