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Real Life Wellness: Food at a social occasion

By Bill Hemmer
This week I want to spend time talking about a subject everyone knows but doesn’t want to talk about. Food at social occasions. Everybody has issues with it. Everybody has big meals for special occasions like birthday parties, graduations and weddings. We have big super bowl parties, world series parties and tailgates of all kinds.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love those parties as much as you do, but let’s look at the “history” of the feast and then try to find a way to not feel guilty when you go enjoy yourself at these celebrations.

In ancient times the majority of the population had very little food to eat. Starvation was a real issue. People would barely have enough food to keep themselves alive, let alone to become obese. But in times of great celebration many relatives and family would pool their available food together and provide a feast. They would provide everything they could to make sure everybody at the celebration could eat as much as they wanted. These events came few and far between however, then the family would go back to their close to starvation existence.

These traditions were carried on through the centuries and celebrations of all kinds have been accompanied by feasts. During the Great Depression this social event was again strengthened because of the lack of food. Celebrations and feasts seemed to always go hand in hand. In times of great food shortages for some people these feasts could have literally saved peoples lives. But in today’s world our food supply isn’t in jeopardy and most of us don’t have to worry about starvation. Why should we use the same patterns that our ancestors did?

Well, we don’t have to. But I doubt you have thought about these events in these ways before. You see Real Life Wellness is all about changes in your awareness level to allow you to think differently than you have before. My job is to look at everyday things with a new perspective. Just because you are in a rut doesn’t mean you have to stay in a rut. You can choose at any second in time to think differently. This is why I write these articles.

I am not saying to quit going to celebrations and enjoying yourself. I am saying to celebrate your event by talking to your friends and family and limit the amount of time you spend in front of the goody table and eat just one plate of food instead of two or three. Create boundaries for yourself and think about how you are going to break those old habits before you go to the celebration. This way you can have a much better chance of success.

Next week, I am going to talk about another touchy topic…comfort food. Don’t miss it.

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